Jamaican-Owned Fashion Design Company Win Awards at Milan Fashion Week

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Jamaican owned Fashion Design Company Win Awards at Milano Italy Fashion Week - House of Byfield - Carmichael A Byfield

Jamaican-born fashion designerMad Mood Milano Fashion Week awarded Carmicheal Byfield a prize on September 27, 2021. He announced the win via Facebook, posting. “It’s not mines, IT’S US, team House of Byfield won an award & I accept and celebrate this award from Mad Mood Milano Fashion Week 27tth Sept 2021 & everyone whom travelled WITH team House Of Byfield to Milan, Italy.”

Mad Mood is an international platform for designers. It offers a space where traditional tailoring, research and cutting-edge can all be done. fashionMeet to create a global “melting pot of art, fashion, culture, and identity of a territory.”Fashionistas had the opportunity to see the Mad Mood runway during Milan Fashion Week. Young designers represent independent and avant-garde approaches. fashion. These designs avoid the “logic of the global market”You will cater to niche clients who are looking for a “made to measure”product. The Mad Mood approach focuses on displaying the territorial identity of different regional cultures and their tailoring secrets.

Designer Carmichael Byfield was originally born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1975. He emigrated to the Netherlands, where he is now a designer. He discovered a passion to design menswear in the Netherlands. This led him to attend fashionHe left school to pursue his goals. While studying, he started freelancing in 2011. fashionHe created a style that has been described by many as “colorful and elegant”With “clever detailing and a sporty touch.”He uses light, flowing fabrics and often drapes his designs directly onto the body. His fashions are made in the Netherlands from top-quality fabrics as well as materials sourced from Germany and Belgium. Byfield works to bring the best. fashionCollections of the House of Byfield twice per year

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The House of Byfield is a global leader in quality and innovation and is recognized worldwide as one of the most prestigious couture ready-to wear brands. designIt means: It is synonymous also with luxury and glamour. Byfield, the designer and founder, expanded his ready to wear offerings to include MIN, a line for evening attire that diffuses light, in 2011. His signature fashionHis approach led him to create additional product categories, essentially changing his entire business model. designTurn your house into a luxury lifestyle brand.

Although Byfield is based in the Netherlands, and his corporate office is in Rotterdam, where the collections are manufactured there, Byfield claims that his inspiration comes from Jamaica, where he was born.

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