Intimidated by home design? This Long Island designer wants to help 

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If you’d like toGive your homeHigh style, but you like the idea of walking into high-end interiors designer’s showroom intimidating, you’re not alone.

Keith Baltimore, owner and operator of The Baltimore Design Center, Port Washington wants toThis can be changed.

“I have a lot of things that are not that costly,”Baltimore’s work was also featured in the 2020 Caumsett Designer Showhouse. “There are a lot of gift ideas, a lot of summer ideas — even big pieces. I’ve been conscious of cost — it’s been a rough year.”He continues, “Not everything has to be expensive to be gorgeous.”

Baltimore, who has homes at Manhattan and Water Mill, is well-known for thinking out of the box when he comes to ideas. toInterior design and fashioning daring and unusual looks is not something that drives. byTrends He said that sometimes, giving a gift is a good idea. homeA great makeover doesn’t have to be complicated. Just add some new accessories.

“There are things you can buy at the showroom like a beautiful stone tray, there are a lot of host gifts for the summer, and we have beautiful votives from Belgium in bisque and blue,” Baltimore says. “Something can get a fresh approach without spending a lot of money,”He continues. “It’s how things are presented. It’s about the art of placement.”

A small white glass tealight for $51 and a round marble bowl for $94 are some of the more affordable items in the showroom. The backgammon leather case is $107, and the round marble bowl has a gold base for $94 are two other examples.

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Baltimore claims that there are other ways toYou can instantly transform a room’s appearance without spending a fortune.

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“The best way to update your house that doesn’t cost anything is to edit,” Baltimore says. “Remove things that don’t matter to you anymore.”

Baltimore claims that someone can assist with design suggestions on the showroom floor. Baltimore might also be able to help if Baltimore is not available. toWe will be happy to give you personal advice. “Someone on the floor can assist or you can come downstairs to the design studio,”He continues. “I love it when someone asks me a question.”

The Baltimore Design Center’s retail showroom is located at 35 Main St. and the lower level is the heart of Baltimore’s design firm. Showroom hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to 5 p.m.; 516-944-2400; baltimoredesigncenter.com.

By Lisa Irizarry
Special toNewsday

Lisa Irizarry is a Newsday reporter since 2014. She also writes features stories.

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