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I’m an Amazon super fan – how to remove your gel manicure at home using $6 products which won’t damage your nails

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It’s not easy to remove gel manicures at your home without the right tools.

One Amazon enthusiast shared her best affordable finds to help remove a manicure — without damaging nails.


@yodeebs shared her top Amazon finds to remove gel layersCredit: TikTok/yodeebs

Creator of TikTok @yodeebsThis article shares DIY nail art, including how to make fake nails at home, tips on cleaning tools, and common nail problems.

In her viral TikTokShe shared how to safely remove gel layer using Amazon products.

She began by gathering her tools and filing her nails. She demonstrated this using the $6 nail file. Teenitor Nail Buffer.

“File off the topcoat layer,”She spoke.

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“Next, I’m going to apply Aquaphor to my cuticles,”She explained.

The Healing ointmentAmazon has them for as low as $9.11.

“You’ll want to use 100% acetone and soak for 10 to 15 minutes,”She said this while wrapping her nails in ECBASKET wrap foils, $15.50.

The TikToker is listed here Onyx Nail Polish RemoverHer Amazon storefront costs $13.39.

“Then I’m going to use an orange wood stick to gently remove the gel polish,”She said that she used the Hicarer pushers, $6.99.

“If it doesn’t come off easily, that’s ok, you can always re-soak for another 5 minutes,”She advised.

Adeba completed the process by polishing her nails and applying cuticle oils.

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She listed the $14 Cuccio Oil You can find her Amazon storefront here, but there are other options.

The haul cost $64.99. TikTok users were relieved when they found this tutorial. One user wrote: “This was so satisfying to watch.”

Another wrote: “I like this waaay better than ppl who buff off the entire polish.”

Buffing nails before soaking them is key


It is important to scrub your nails before you soak them.Credit: TikTok/yodeebs
Soaking nails in 100% acetone remover makes a difference


It makes a big difference to soak your nails in 100% Acetone RemoverCredit: TikTok/yodeebs
Wrapping nails in foil can help the acetone settle in


Wrapping nails with foil can help the Acetone settle inCredit: TikTok/yodeebs
Using a wooden nail pusher can help remove the gel


You can remove gel by using a wooden nail presserCredit: TikTok/yodeebs

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