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I’m a model & these are the five hacks I use to look catwalk-ready & all you need is an old T-shirt & a new pillowcase

I’m a model & these are the five hacks I use to look catwalk-ready & all you need is an old T-shirt & a new pillowcase
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PROFESSIONAL model shares her five secrets to getting your skin and hair ready to go on the catwalk.

Model Kenz Lawrén shared her tips with followers on TikTokTo help people maintain their hair and skin health.


The model shared her top tips with us, including drying your hair using an old cotton T-shirt.Credit: Instagram
She also suggested that people invest in a silk pillow


She also recommended that people invest in silk pillowsCredit: Instagram

Her wise advice included purchasing a new pillowcase, and using castor oil for your eyelashes to grow.

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She said: “First thing silk pillow cases this is a game changer for your skin and your hair, I even have silk bed sheets and they’re so comfortable.”

She then gave a tip for protecting your locks.


She said: “Next time you wash your hair don’t wrap your hair in a towel, wrap it in a cotton t-shirt. It’s a lot better for your hair.”

She also advised that you invest in your lashes. “If you want to help your brows and your eyelashes, grab a spoolie and some castor oil and put that in your brows and lashes every night.”

Kenz suggested that Kenz “Start Dermaplaning Your Face, People are always wooried into thinking that your skin will come back thicker and darker, or coarser. But that has not happened to me.

“The reason I dermaplane my face is because one – it gets rid of peach fuzz and two it exfoliates your skin.”

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Her final advice was to get a hairbrush that can be used to blow dry your hair for salon-quality hair. It takes less time.

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