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I Bought the Miu Miu-Inspired Fashion Nova Set So You Don’t Have To

I Bought the Miu Miu-Inspired Fashion Nova Set So You Don't Have To
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Fashion Nova.

Trend Cemetery is a new bi-weekly column by Taylore Scarabelli, where she tries to make sense a lot of meaningless microtrends and luxury. fashionStreet style in the age od social media. She reviews the Miu Miu micromini skirt for Spring/Summer 22, a must-have for Miu Miu, and an aspirational look by Fashion Nova. 


What is it about this season’s Miu Miu micro-mini skirt that has the internet so inflamed? On a rack, the skirt looks relatively innocuous, like a scrap of fabric sliced from your dad’s work chinos. The skirt looks great on a body with a crop top (as the brand intended), and it is daring and sensual, especially for those who are used to more conservative hemlines. 

When the Miu Miu SS22 showThe first time the show aired, viewers were disappointed that there weren’t any plus-sized models to walk the catwalk. But Critics didn’t stop there—instead, many decided that the silhouettes in the collection were to blame for the thin models, as if low-rise skirts and pants were a curse against women, meant only for a size zero consumer. These well-meaning criticisms further reinforced the policing against plus-sized bodies by suggesting only thin women had the right to show off their midriffs. PalomaElsesser, who is a sociologist, has debunked this theory. The victory in the battleMiu Miu editorials featuring her recent i-D cover. 

The micro-mini skirt is still a scandal to many. It probably has something to do with it fact that it consistently pops up on our feeds, but we can’t get our hands on it yet (a wave of editorials, DIY tutorials, and knock-offs have flooded the internet, but the real skirt isn’t available for purchase in-stores or online). Why is it so terrible? It’s not just that the skirt is sartorially and politically scandalous and thus an attractive form of consumer rebellion, but that the collection itself marked a shift in the high fashion sphere. In fact, the brand’s SS22 show seemed like the first time, in a long time, that we’d seen a new point of view at Miu Miu—or at any major house. Simply put, the looks were stunning. exciting, Accessible and a slap on the face to good tastes 

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Perhaps we should thank Steven Miesel’s Vogue Italia “Shrink to Fit”editorial from 2010 or the styling of Lotta Volova (the fashion industry’s it-girl responsible for the outrage-inducing Y2K-inspired looks at both Miu Miu and Blumarine). Either way, I’m still praying at the altar of Mrs. Prada. That’s why, when a rage-inducing meme-slash-screenshotFashion Nova’s knockoff of the micromini was making the rounds yesterday. I purchased the look right away (even paid express shipping). Not all online purchases are winners. The Fashion Nova fit wrinkled within minutes, and both the skirt and top were too big for my boy-like body, an ironic twist of fate that wasn’t lost on me. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my Miu Miu mini fantasy. DIY Dickie skirt, here I come.

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