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Fashion Nova is known for their affordable products. Fashion Nova launched online in 2007 and has since gathered over 20 million followers. They can serve both men, women, and children every day of each year, even holidays. Richard Saghian started the company in 2006 selling clubwear to women who came to his store in Panorama City, California. When he realized that people were reselling Saghian’s clothes, he decided to go online. He now has to offer trending pieces at a very affordable price to millions.

Fashion Nova receives over 13 million visitors monthly. People expect Fashion Nova to handle holiday sales differently. This makes it possible for more people, even though all items on the site are originally less than $50.

Fashion Nova has a great relationship with its customers and knows how to help them.

Let’s take a deeper look at how Fashion Nova handles sales during the holiday season.


Fashion Nova offers discounts all the time. They offer discounts on every day. You will see an opt-in form on Fashion Nova’s website. This allows you to submit your email address to receive discounts on any order you place during that session.

Fashion Nova offers similar discounts to regular discounts during holidays like Christmas and Halloween. Fashion Nova offers a 25% discount for Halloween. This allowed people to shop for costumes at even lower prices.

Customers could get costumes less than $30 for as low as $22 or lower. This has allowed more people to visit the site and complete their orders, rather than just looking at them or leaving without buying.

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They were already cheap, but a higher percentage of people place orders when they see they are getting a bonus (something that may not be possible for others if they arrive later).

Giveaways/ Promos

Fashion Nova offers discounts through the use of coupon codes for Christmas and Halloween. They also offer giveaways on their social media channels. They post tasks for people to complete on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. The rules of participation are set and the prices that they will be earning. While everyone has a chance, not everyone wins.

Fashion Nova ran the New Year Eve Sweepstakes in late 2019.

What was it all about?

They announced on December 27, 2019, that people could win the $500 Fashion Nova gift-cash prize by following Fashion Nova’s Twitter account, retweeting the post about the giveaway, then waiting until the results were announced.

There were more than 2,000 retweets at the end of the contest for a giveaway that one person was going win.

There was another giveaway that was held on Fashion Nova’s Instagram page in 2018 (at the end of the year). The prizes included a Macbook Air laptop with Sony camera, an iPhone and AirPods as well as a Fashion Nova gift voucher.

These are huge, right?

All the people had to do to get these was follow Fashion Nova’s Instagram account and tag some friends in the comments section of the eligible posts.

The winners were randomly selected by sponsors and organizers from the participants.

What is the purpose of holiday giveaways, contests, and coupon codes discounts? How can they benefit Fashion Nova?

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The simple answer to this question is “Exposure.”

Fashion Nova can convert customers to shoppers by offering giveaways and contests to everyone, not just those who have previously shopped on the site. People who have never used the site or heard of it before can now visit the site to view what they have for the holidays. If they like what they see they can select products from the catalog to add them to their carts.

Even with the coupon codes new customers are more likely to complete their order. These fashionItems are now affordable, so money is no problem. While they participate in the giveaways outside the site, they’re also visiting the site to place some orders.

The winner of the giveaway will be contacted via Instagram DM or other social media accounts at the end. They can buy anything they want with the Fashion Nova giftcard.

Bottom Line

Fashion Nova strives to satisfy everyone in the industry. fashion brand has already produced new clothing lines for male and female children, apart from the men and women’s collections. They also ventured into the beauty industry with Maven Beauty.

Fashion Nova already makes holidays fun for many customers by selling all of their products at an affordable price. Now, with more coupon code discounts, and giveaways, they’re able to make more sales by putting themselves in front of new customers and engaging with them. Richard Saghian stated in an interview that 75% of people who shop on the site return to it again. Brands receive more by giving to people.

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