How Fashion Nova Became A Top Brand Using Technology

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Fashion Nova was almost unknown in 2010. People went to Panorama Mall, Los Angeles, and bought clothes there. Fashion Nova outside hats was mentioned, however. mallMost people would ask. “What’s that?”

Many believe Fashion Nova was founded 2013 by Fashion Nova. However, it’s been selling clubwear to many women since 2006.

You may be asking yourself:

Fashion Nova: What happened to it? How was Fashion Nova able to gain such traction? Why didn’t I know Fashion Nova before 2013?

The simple answer is technology. Technology.

Fashion Nova was transformed by technology, and it is the brand you recognize today.

How technology changed fashion Nova

Richard Saghian was the founder and CEO at Fashion Nova. He had been running the brand for several years in a Panorama City location. However, he discovered that some people were selling Fashion Nova products online for a higher price.

Saghian didn’t know how e-commerce worked at the time. He initially wanted to open 100 brick-and mortar stores in the United States to make it easier for people to find one near them. However, he knew that would take many years to accomplish, and he couldn’t reach a very large number of people by doing that.

Saghian was inspired by the actions of others and decided to move online instead of working in brick-and mortar.

However, he wasn’t sure that the store would be a success. So, before he launched the store, he decided to increase the brand’s following on Instagram. Because he had been engaging regularly with his customers, he was able get photos of them in Fashion Nova clothes and upload them to the Insta page. These customers then shared the pictures and the brand’s following began to rapidly grow.

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Saghian launched the online shop after the Instagram account reached 60K followers. All the items in the online store were sold out that weekend.

This was the beginning of technology changing Fashion Nova’s status. The catalyst for thousands and now millions of people visiting Instagram was Instagram.

Fashion Nova’s Instagram Strategy for Growing the Brand

Fashion Nova isn’t the only brand to use Instagram. How is Fashion Nova able to grow so quickly when many brands are still struggling to find their feet?

Richard Saghian developed various strategies for growing Fashion Nova.

    Regular Feed Updates

Many believe that 10 posts is the maximum number of posts that should be uploaded daily. Many fashionBrands post less than 10 posts per week.

Fashion Nova, however, did it differently.

As the brand gained footing and more people started shopping for products, Richard Saghian employed various tailors and designers and increased the company’s production speed. They started releasing over 500 new styles each week.

Fashion Nova had so many styles to release each week, Fashion Nova had to upload as many pictures as possible, showing the new styles.

Fashion Nova was able increase its daily engagement rate by uploading more posts and expanding their styles. Offering so many photos of various selections ensures there’s something for everyone to see.

    Engage with Followers

Fashion Nova’s customers stay loyal to the brand because the brand has a lot to offer them, like a sense of community. Fashion Nova engages with its Instagram followers, in addition to providing fashionable and affordable products.

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Customers upload pictures using the hashtag #NovaBabes. This hashtag has been a great help to the Fashion Nova online community and created a place for them to share their outfits. Fashion Nova also features some #NovaBabes photos on its Instagram page.

This encourages more women on the site to shop and upload their pictures. Getting featured gives them the chance to have their profile seen by more than 20 million people.

    Influencer Marketing

Fashion Nova’s growth has been made possible by Instagram influencer marketing.

Fashion Nova has partnered up with many celebrities, including Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. Fashion Nova has a large network that includes micro- and macro-influencers. These influencers showcase Fashion Nova products to followers and encourage them buy the items.

Many Fashion Nova customers mentioned that they began following Fashion Nova after seeing their favorite influencers wear the products.

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