HONOR Unveils the Tech and Fashion Trends to Watch with WGSN

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HONOR Code: A Unique Colorway Helping Consumers Make Bold Style Statements

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WGSN reveals that a new, unapologetic approach towards style in the post-pandemic era has led the resurgence in smartphone designs inspired nostalgically fashionTrends 

SHENZHEN in China, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To celebrate the launch of the new HONOR 50 smartphone, HONOR today unveiled the rising designTrends are taking over the smartphone industry, with tech couture and monogrammania gaining popularity. As the metaverse becomes increasingly prominent, fashionIndividuals who are conscious of their online identity are more motivated than ever to make it viral. HONOR commissioned WGSN to help understand the role smartphones play in enabling self expression. WGSN is the world’s leading authority on consumer and social media. designTrends to explore emerging consumer behaviors that drive the desire for bolder, brighter technology that allows people share their stories with the world and stands out from others.

A Move Towards Tech Couture 

As we look forward to a brighter 2022, consumers are rewriting the mantra of how they want to live their lives. WGSN refers to this shift in consumer behavior as ‘Everyday Extravagance’ – which sees consumers indulging in an ever-growing desire to escape the ordinary and seek captivating moments that uplift, augment, and reignite optimism for the future. “Hungry for products and experiences that bring extravagance to the everyday, consumers are embracing,the unambiguous brights that feed into themes of unapologetic exhilaration and radical self-expression”WGSN:

HONOR Code: A Unique Colorway Helping Consumers Make Bold Style Statements
WGSN revealed that monogram looks have been around for a while. Consumers are embracing new ways to express themselves and elevate their style. fashionBold statement looks that define identities “Dating back to 2018, a number of major fashion houses relaunched their iconic monogram in response to the “logomania” trend which took over the industry. Fast track to 2021, and we are witnessing a new era of monogram fashion, with brands using monograms to take their fashion stories to the next level, creating greater engagement with consumers eager to find new ways to express their style,”Commented WGSN.

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The HONOR 50 is a monogrammed shirt that has been created in response to the increasing demand and the resurgence trendetters proudly wearing brand logos in a nod back to 90’s nostalgia. 

“This eye-catching design is a unique one for the smartphone industry, inspired by the latest fashion trends and marking a step away from the classic blacks and more muted tones on offer from other smartphone brands”.

Express Yourself: Vlogging in the Era of Metaverse 
This increased desire to express oneself has led to a greater need for technology that is not only beautiful on the outside but also has many capabilities inside to allow for more creative content creation.

Consumers wanted wonder-invoking moments in order to bring back joy and counter fear caused by the pandemic. This consumer behavior is called ‘Stimulating escapes’ by WGSN. Adrien MolletComment by WGSN Lead Consultant, et al. “The future is an era of effort and creative expression, with people spending long periods of time creating content for a chance at virality. Empowered to create, consumers are proactive in developing theatrical productions of their own lives as an expression of their lifestyle, values and status.”

As the metaverse gains traction and our physical and digital worlds become increasingly entwined, consumers will place more value on vlogging and creating digital assets to make a statement about who they are as a person. According to WGSN self-expression content on social media has seen a continuous year-on-year growth of 14 months, with both viewers and creators embracing this new trend. “no-filter”They can show their style and emotions in a unique way.

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The HONOR 50 has an advanced camera setup to address the rise in vlogging. It can switch between front and back cameras while filming with multi-video shooting modes. With the ability to film from multiple perspectives, creators can now document and express their emotions, experiences, identities and more directly connect with their audiences.

HONOR gathers a panel of experts for a discussion on the Evolution of Style and Smartphones as well as Self-Expression. HONOR invited WGSNA panel of experts joined the group, including Matthew DrinkwaterHead of Fashion Innovation Agency, the LondonCollege of Fashion Liza UrlaFounder and Creative Director at Gemologue and Jewelry Expert, Amelia Liana. fashionA vlogger who has amassed over 500KYuan Ze, Chief Designer at HONOR and her Instagram followers are grateful for her creative style videos. fashionthe technology industry today, and the new HONOR 50 offers stylish tech users endless opportunities for self-expression in 2021.

The complete panel discussion will be available online at HONOR’s global YouTube channel.
You can download the complete Style, Smartphones, and Self-Expression trends report by clicking here Link.
HONOR’S cooperation With Noonoouri  Video.


HONOR was established in 2013 and is a major global provider of smart products. We are determined to become a global brand of tech that is iconic and enables smart living for all. HONOR has a strategic focus in innovation, quality, and service. It is committed to developing technology that empowers people all over the world to go beyond. Through its R&D capabilities, forward-looking technology, and its portfolio of innovative products, it creates an intelligent world for everyone.

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