Hawaiʻi Fashion Designer Prepares to Hit the Runway at New York Fashion Week

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A Waimea fashion designerHe was awarded a prestigious invitation to New York Fashion Week this year.

New York City is familiar to Kumu Hula Micah Kamohoaliʻi. He did a showthree years ago at the New York Botanical Garden, where he also made connections that would allow him to bring his own ideas to the Garden. fashionTo the Big Apple.

His label, Dezigns by Kamohoaliʻi, is recognizable for its traditional roots — he comes from a long lineage of kapa makers.

Kamohoaliʻi has been invited to this year’s New York Fashion Week at the Runway 7 Fashion showcase. His designs, including last year’s Grammy dress worn by his cousin Amy Hanaialiʻi, hit the runway at Sony Hall near Times Square on Sept. 9.

Courtesy of Micah Kamohoaliʻi

Amy Hanaialiʻi at the 62nd Grammy Awards on January 26, 2020

The Conversation caught up on the busy fashion designerHe was getting ready to go on the big trip.

“It’s all just happening so fast from getting the announcement to booking flights and accommodations, and then getting into rehearsals and everything,”He said. “There’s 30 of us going. We’ve been trying to hook up with sponsorships from Hawaiian organizations, from the County of Hawaiʻi, from anybody and everybody who wants to help us — we’ll take it,”He concluded.

Kamohoaliʻi also works as a genealogist and cultural director for the Waimea Hawaiian Homesteaders’ Association, but this past weekend he became a junior firefighter when a historic wildfire impacted his community on Hawaiʻi Island.

This interview was broadcast by The Conversation on Aug. 3, 2021

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