GITI: A Fierce Fashion Nova’s Competitor

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Floridians are familiar with GITI, a prominent and well-respected organization. fashionPowerhouse. GITI was founded in Gainesville, Florida in 2003. fashionThis brand is for all young women who are free-spirited and want to be different. They have the pieces not available at all retailers and can rival your favourite brands, which you will be checking regularly as payday approaches. Fashion Nova and Boohoo are always available for fast fashion news. fashionGITI is gaining in popularity as a way to check!

GITI was created by the visionary Christopher Chong, who set out to be every young woman’s first point of call. In just 10 years, he has grown GITI from selling 1-3 orders per semaine to now sending out thousands of orders each week. Chong had a vision and put his vibrant brand to use for GITI. They became a competitor to the middleman and bought larger quantities wholesale to sell to newer retailers at a remarkable pace to grow new businesses in a tough industry.


GITI is here to stay, proving their passion. fashionThey offer expeditious shipping and can ship complete looks to anywhere in the world, from casual outfits to star-studded ensembles, all in just a few clicks. They offer excellent customer service. fashionAnyone who needs it. Head over to their  Instagram to see why nearly 200,000 accounts follow them!

GITI was created by the visionary Christopher Chong, who set out to be every young woman’s first point of call. I

Their social media dominance has been subtle, sophisticated, and full ideas that older retailers and newer ones can learn from. Thankfully, they aren’t shy of plus sizes, as they cater to women up to size 3XL when many online stores do not. They post daily videos and images created by customers who love the brand. You can see that they are a one stop shop offering accessories, underwear, the perfect outfit, and a purse.

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Success secrets

It takes hard work to start out, and not to be distracted with a few sales. You need perseverance and a plan to make it big in any industry. GITI monitors the market and follows the latest trends. This helped them make the difficult decision to move from a physical store into an online operation. Although it was challenging, it meant that they could reach all corners of the globe via the internet. Particularly when the global pandemic impacted many industries, “non-essential shops”This brought about a new way to do business, and the pandemic demonstrated how loyal their customers were.

The future

Chong would begin with the past and tell himself, “Keep trying new things and not everything you try will succeed. Failure is a great learning experience”.

They have a large international following. Their next goal is to tailor more designs for other global regions in the coming years. The new GITI members will see items personalised for their region’s fashionThis is because they are passionate about sourcing the best products and offering more options. Fast shipping and that happy dance when you buy an entire outfit.

Success factors

GITI has many departments that work together towards the same goal. Making GITI a global brand. The founder never fails mentions their merit and work ethic.


Visit them at their new Miami location. Enjoy the perfect weather, the sweetest vibes, and the best food. showFor the most recent, a -stopping price point fashion. Visit their  online store and learn some fashion tips on their  YouTube channel.

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