Five bejewelled looks picked by celebrity stylist and fashion designer Neha Gandhi Binjrajka

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She also gives some pointers on styling your jewellery.

Celebrity stylist fashion designerNeha Gandhi Binjrajka looks through her Instagram feed, picking five of her favorite bejewelled looks and telling us the stories behind them.

Sauraseni Maitra, Darshana Banik are two examples of an apparel brand

This was a Pink City shoot. It is an Indo-western ethnic brand. The idea behind the new kaftans was to style them in a fun way. This was a photo shoot. The idea is to experiment with jewellery. We could have used simple earrings or hoops to make it more casual. We used nose rings to take it to the next level, and make it more appealing to the eye. The idea is to determine the right amount of jewellery to use. If we had used more, the kaftan would have looked very Indian.

Rukmini Maitra to organize an event

The belt has been worn around the waist to cinch the black pant-blouse, and ruffle dupatta. This look is powerful, and it looks great with hair and makeup. The idea is to not overpower the look by adding jewellery. We had so many dramas with the eyes, hair, and ears, that we used bold statement earrings to balance the belt and make it look elegant.

Rukmini Maitra will be hosting a T2 party

This was the look I wore on Rukmini to a t2 Party. I gave her a Vizyon coord set in black and the theme was bling. It was also free to play with jewellery. Diamonds are the definition of bling. It was a no-brainer that we’d be using diamonds for her look. But, it is not enough to have a shiny outfit. Accessorizing your outfit is key. With a shiny outfit, you can’t put statement jewellery, but what you can always do is stack it using smaller things. We stacked multiple bracelets and rings on one hand. We used a lighter, but longer, earring. It was not very heavy. It is also important that you can see the type of hair and make-up that you are using. It was important to have lighter jewellery to compliment the loose-flowing look that we gave her. We used lots of bling and jewellery… rings with gaps and bracelets… so that some of the skin shows through.

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Nibedita Karmakar is available for a jewellery shoot

This was actually a Zohra jewellery campaign. The idea was to minimize the importance of the clothes and make the jewellery the most important.

Swastika Mukherjee is the Telegraph She Awards winner

She is wearing Anamika Khanna and the real polki jewelry is from Virrayaa. The look was accentuated by her wide neckline. The look is even more striking with this statement piece. We finished it with thin, round earrings. We were also able to experiment with the earrings thanks to the hairstyle.

“You’re not fully dressed until you add a piece of jewellery and some sparkle to it.”

This statement is a key rule for stylists. Jewellery plays an important role in any final look. Minimalistic, stacking, statement — pick the way of styling jewellery always after deciding your outfit. Sometimes we want to match our jewellery with our outfits. However, this should be done only when we have the time. The other way is often easier. It is important to not over-do it or under-do it with the jewellery. I see brides sometimes cover themselves up with jewellery at their wedding and it overpowers their face and the outfit; it’s very important to know where to stop so that you don’t look like a jewellery shop! While many people are not open-minded to trying new outfits, everyone should be open and willing to experiment with jewellery. They make it easy to make your outfit stand out. — Neha Gandhi Binjrajka

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