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Final Fantasy 14: Fashion Report Guide

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Final Fantasy14 allows players to make waves in the Eorzean and earn some extra MGP. fashion world. The Fashion ReportThe Gold Saucer offers a unique challenge each week.

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All you need to learn about the Fashion Report, where to access it, how to present yourself for judging, and the various rewards — we’ve got everything covered for you right here as well as how to score 100 points for the current week.

Fashion Report Basics

Final Fantasy 14 Masked Rose

How to Unlock?The key to unlocking the mysteries of life is in your hands Fashion ReportCompleting the sidequest “Passion for Fashion”This is the edict of Lewena at the Gold Saucer at (X.4.8, Y.6.1). Players must be at least level 15 with a completed sidequest. “It Could Happen to You.”

To take part in Fashion ReportYou must speak with them Masked Rose in the Gold Saucer (X.7.2, Y.7.4). Each week, Masked Rose offers Each Tuesday will feature a new theme. The theme changes at 12:00 a.m. / 1:00 am. (PDT).. Judging begins every Friday at 12:00 a.m. (PST) / 1:00 a.m. (PDT) The theme can change and the end of the chapter.

Each player has four chances to present themselves to the judge.

Glamorous items are judged on their glamorous appearance.

During the judging, all items are bound.

To score well, make sure that all slots are filled, even those not related to the theme.

Talk to Masked Rose to find out the weekly theme. You will also receive clues about the equipment you should wear. “Confirm this week’s fashion challenge”Option.

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Final Fantasy 14 Kasumi

Players can earn MGP each week for taking part, as well as unlocking awesome items from the Boutique vendor Kasumi for continued participation. Participating in the weekly challenge is a great way of gaining MGP, even if you don’t want to score well. The rewards are as follows

Taking Part — 10,000 MGP (Per week)

Scoring Over 80 Points — 50,000 MGP (Per week)

Three other achievements are tied to the Fashion Report? “You Look Marvellous I/II/III”You can earn, which can be earned for scoring 80, 90, and 100 points, respectively.

Weekly FashionThemes

Final Fantasy 14 rebellious spirit fashion report

Each Tuesday, Masked Rose will announce the new theme and you can discover the different clues, then the following Friday you can begin to test out which armor works to earn the most points.

There are always four options for armor that can be used. Most of the time, there are many options. You can also get bonus points depending on the dye you use.

Each week, Twitter user Kaiyoko posts the best options to reach 100 points, as well as offering the easiest way to hit 80 points too.

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