FIDM student designer inspired by ‘Mortal Kombat’ | Arts and Culture

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FIDM student designer inspired by ‘Mortal Kombat’ | Arts and Culture

Fabian Renteria, a Arizona-born child, sketched Tshirts and Dresses as a child. It was prophetic as he just introduced his first. fashionLos Angeles collection as part of the annual FIDM Debut Show.

The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising presents the event, which highlights the work of FIDM students who have graduated from the advanced program. fashion design program. Renteria was one nine students selected to receive the prestigious showIn 2021.

“It was very exciting and even more nerve-racking,”Renteria  

The inspiration for the heavy vinyl line was “Mortal Kombat,”With a “futuristic warrior”It is there. The bloodshed is represented by the red in his collection.

“I honestly felt it would have been silly if it was ‘Mortal Kombat’ and that’s it,”He said. “I was going deeper into what it means. For the actual story, these characters’ stories are entangled about what they’re fighting for.

One story in particular stood out: that of Kitana, the princess of her native land who never knew her true identity. As a child, her mother, Sindel, allegedly died by suicide. Kitana joined Raiden to find the truth and to make peace with all the realms. The collection represents her and her revenge wardrobe.

“I wanted to pull color from the undead warriors — black, white, gray and gold,”He said. 

“I decided to use red and the print was shattered glass, with chunky zippers to add a hardware aspect to it.”

Renteria, Texas-born, is following in the footsteps and inspiration of his artist father. 

“He would always be drawing, too,”He said. “One day, we were at a restaurant, and they had paper on the table with crayons. I asked my dad, ‘How do I draw a body?’ He definitely knew how.

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“He showed me with a crayon. I drew a dress on her, and that’s what sparked it for me. Oddly enough, we had a really old sewing machine on a shelf in the laundry room. I asked my mom about it. One day, I pulled it down. I tried to thread it, and I got it to work.”

He was living in Glendale Arizona, near a Walmart. It was a Supercenter before it had a large fabric section. 

“My first project was a vinyl cape,”He said. “It wasn’t good at all. I kept with it, and I would sew on the weekends after coming home from school. I fell in love with it, honestly. It was fun.”

In 2018, he moved to Alhambra to attend FIDM. Renteria will travel to Rome next year for a study-abroad program. He will be focusing his efforts on fit, pattern making, and other aspects of fashion. It ends with another fashion show. 

“I get to do another collection,”He said. “I definitely want to start developing my brand more. I want to start selling my work on a website. I want to delve into the DIY more and start my own business.”

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