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FFXIV Fashion Report Padded Pier Sitter

FFXIV Fashion Report Padded Pier Sitter
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This week’s FFXIV fashionThe report has arrived. It asks for a Padded Pier Sitter costume. It should be something you can wear while fishing. These clues can be a hindrance rather than a help. If you are new to the fashionWe can help with any report or clues. Continue reading to learn more about the Final Fantasy XIV Fashion Report, Padded Pier Sitter.

FFXIV Fashion Report Padded Pistol

The fashionReport is a Weekly Event in Final Fantasy Online. It involves a trip into the Golden Saucer where you can speak to the Masked Rose. He will give a brief description of his requirements, which is subject to change each week. Your job is to wear the clothes that he requests. The closer you get to his goal the more points you will score.

The brief has an overarching theme. This is then broken down into the individual parts of your body. Each part will have its own brief. This week’s theme will be a Padded Pier Sitter.

FFXIV Fashion Report Clues

Wild SideThe clue to items placed on your head is the name of the item. Outdoor, explorer headwear is your best option. The Anemos Hat, Gyuki Leather Hat, Wrangler’s Hat and Gaganaskin Hat of Aiming could all be possible fixes.

A Storm in the Making is the cue for this week’s body. This is why chef items are the best choice. Any Augmented/Galleykeep’s, Galleymaster’s or Galleyking’s Whites, are a good choice. The Culinarian’s Apron may also be a solution.

This FFXIV, it is hard to get your hands out. fashionReport and give the clue C’est Chic. This means you have to get your claws out. False Nails (or Nails of the Beast) could help you score.

Last time this clue was used, Beast Tribe Armor was the best.  They make gear like Ehcatl Wristgloves or Kote of Blue, which could be very valuable.  Claws of the Beast, Werewolf Arms and other gear could be used. It’s also possible that it might be war-related gear like Fighter’s Gauntlets, Warrior’s Gauntlets and Ravager’s Chains.

The clue to More Beast than Man is in the legs. This is where the Beast Tribe gear comes in handy. You might also consider trying furred legwear to find out if it performs well. Please share your winning ideas in the comments section below.

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