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FFXIV Fashion Report – News Desk Formal

ffxiv fashion report news desk formal
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The FFXIV News Desk Formal Fashion ReportSo now you can start putting together your outfit. If you’re a Fashion Report veteran, then you probably have some pretty good ideas as to what you should wear. If not, you may have some issues. So, in our FFX14 Fashion Report – News Desk Formal guide, we’ll give you our best picks for this week’s outfit.

FFXIV Fashion Report – News Desk Formal

News Desk Formal Fashion Report Solution for FF14

The FFXIV News Desk Formal is this week’s Fashion Report theme, and the “hints”As you can see from the above image, solutions have been revealed. Interestingly, if you’ve been participating in previous Fashion Reports, you might actually have a pretty good idea of what the solutions might be. According to the well-researched comment by Reddit user Rethagos, who brings up some very salient points based on previous Fashion Reports, I present to you a list of potential solutions to this week’s clothing “puzzle.”

  • Body: Well-Suited – Best Man’s Jacket
  • Hands: Coiled Finally – Dreadwyrm Gloves of (???)
  • Legs: Reborn – ARR lvl45 job quest legs
  • Earring – Proto Posh – Proto Ultima Earrings of (???)

Obviously, there are other possible solutions or each category, but I’m fairly certain we’re on the money here. We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments. If the FFXIV News Desk Formal Fashion Report is the first one you’re taking part in, let us get you up to speed. Talk to Lewena the NPC at the Golden Saucer. She’ll be sitting behind one of the desks. She will help you with the Passion for Fashion quest.

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From there, go to Wonder Square where you will find Kasumi (or The Masked Rose). The former can sell you some clothing items, while the latter will give you this week’s theme. After you’ve assembled your outfit, talk to The Masked Rose again. The Masked Rose will review your outfit and will reward you with a better outfit.

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