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FFXIV Fashion Report – Magnificent Majesty

FFXIV Fashion Report - Magnificent Majesty
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This week’s FFXIV fashionMagnificent Majesty is the title of this report. Final Fantasy Online offers rewards for dressing up as you see fit. Luckily, this week’s brief consists of clues used previously. This is a great way to score big and get large rewards. Continue reading to learn more about the FFXIV. fashionReport and tips for Magnificent Majesty

FFXIV Fashion Report – Magnificent Majesty

Every week, the FFXIV is open to you. fashion report challenge. This requires a visit to The Golden Saucer. The Masked Rose will be your guide while you’re there. He will give you the weekly brief.

This clue will be broken down into smaller clues that correspond to each section of your body. You are required to wear an outfit that matches the given brief. You will score higher if your outfit is well-suited. This week’s theme is Majestic Majesty, suggesting the items all have a regal theme to them. CaptainCeleseReddit pointed out that all of them have been used before.

Magnificent Majesty Fashion Report

This week’s clue for headgear is “Royal”. Any crown will do. It will suffice with a Paragon Crown, Gamblers Crown or Butchers Crown.

Noblesse Oblige refers to the body top. You can use a variety of items, but mainly gowns. The Artisans Gown, which is the most accessible, is the best. High House items such as a Bustle or Justeaucorps are also possible. Any priest or religious robe, such as the Exorcist and Halonic Priest, will be great.

The Motley Crew clue can be seen on the legs. All types and sizes of Gaskins will work. There are many options for Hallowed Ramie Gaskins that can be used to aim, cast, heal, and Shikarees Gaskins.

Finally, the right band has the “Jewels of Violet”It was short. You can use the Spinel Ring or Amethyst Ring. Fluorite Ring, which can be purchased at most NPCs, is the easiest to obtain.

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