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FFXIV Fashion Report – Anonymous Supporter

FFXIV Fashion Report - Anonymous Supporter
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This week’s FFXIV fashionReport is available. The brief title is Anonymous Supporter. Each week, you can score rewards for dressing up using special hints. These clues will help you make a guess as to what clothes to wear. It can be challenging, but it is fun with your help. Read on as we give you this week’s pick for the Anonymous Supporter fashionReport.

FFXIV Fashion Report – Anonymous Supporter

Participation in the FFXIV Anonymous Sponsorer is possible fashionHead to the Golden Saucer for the week event. Once you are there, the Masked Rose will give the weekly brief. The Masked Rose will give you a rating if you dress in the clothes you like best. The higher the rank, the better they fit the brief.

Clues are always based on a single theme and then broken down. This allows you to get smaller ideas for headwear, hands, and so forth. This week’s big theme is Anonymous Supporter.

This week’s clue for the head is ‘Face of the Forest’. This can be natural or made from wood and/or leaves. There are many possibilities. You can include any number wooden masks like Monoa, Ash and Flame Sergeants. You can use any type of wooden mask in this game.

Alternative options are to use the Twin Adders, Serpents Circlet, any Serpent Helms and Hats, as well as any Serpent Masks. The Botanist outfits are another option. The Hamlets Cutter’s Hat or Augmented/Fieldkeeps Canotier or Hat.

The clue in Anonymous Supporter is the key to the body fashionWeek is ‘Born Bliaud.’If you don’t know what a “bliaud” is, it is a long, dress-like overgarment that was worn in the middle ages. You can think of it as a large, billowing top. Any bliaud outfit, including Linen, Woolen and Felt, can work. You can also use more exclusive items, such as the Warwolf Bliaud of Healing.

Hands state ‘Vagabond’This week is open-ended. Any Picaroon Armguards or Dhalmelskin Armguards are suggestions. Knowing how to read your feet is a great way to make your life easier. ‘Avant Garde’. This can be done with something bizarre and amazing, such as Goat Skin Leg Guards.

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