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Fashion Nova’s daring black maxi dress goes viral on Instagram

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By now we’ve all seen our fair share of dressThigh splits, racy cutouts and underboob bikinis that will last a lifetime.

But only one fashionA retailer has gone one step further, selling a $48 item. dressSo daringIt has gone instantly viral.

FashionNova, a brand known for its provocative clothing, posted a video on Instagram this week showing off its new Let’s See What You Got Dress.

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The affordable dressTwo flaps of loincloth-like fabric that attach at the waist join at the waist. You might be tempted to take it off. onIt’s windy.

To protect the modesty and dignity of the wearer, dressIt has a built in G-string that is onDisplay thanks to dress’ high-thigh splits and also features a plunging neckline.

The short version is: dressNothing less than daringSomething, anyone? InstagramUsers made comments onAfter video of the model wearing the outfit and crouching to seducely pose onPoster of a busy street on Fashion Nova’sAccount

People claimed the dressWas “too revealing”Or not? dressat all, with just one person asking: “Who’s seriously wearing that out unless at a beach or pool?”

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“Why wear anything at all,”Another comment.

“At this point why even wear a dress?”One wrote.

Others couldn’t help but poke fun at the couple innocently walking behind the model while she was posing onThe street.

“The couple walking by with dude trying sooooo hard not to react and girlfriend stone facing is my favourite part of this outfit,”One person laughed.

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Despite the criticisms, dressIt was received with mixed feelings. Some even said it was their favorite. “cute”The right occasion.

“I’m wearing that with my man on an island,”One person wrote.

“That’s cute. I’d wear it on a resort in a different country where no one knows me,”Another comment.

The dress, which comes in aqua, white, blue and pink, has so far only attracted one customer review, with the shopper giving it one star – but not for the reason you might think.

“Ordered a large and it’s way too small,”The unhappy customer wrote.

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