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Fashion Nova Ripped For Their Tacky ‘It’s The Stimmy For Me’ Sale

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Source: @Shamika_Sanders / @Shamika_Sanders

The devil works hard but Fashion NovaIt’s more difficult. Fashion Nova sent a text message promoting a stimmy sales that included #BlackTwitter in one, as millions of Americans waited to receive their stimulus payments. “you tried it.”As if your hold $1,400 would be better spent on fast-food.fashion threads (ok…maybe not all of it). FashionNova offers up to 80% savings on all products. They also send some of us directly to our virtual cart because, well, we did it Joe.

User @Brattzlife’s tweet, which has over 25K comments, sent the fast-fashionThe retailer rose to the top on the trending charts. Prior to the launch of the massive sale, a user predicted FashionNova’s appropriation of Black culture colloquialisms. A las.

As always, the Internet didn’t disappoint with their reactions.

FashionNova has come under fire for making a profit off Black dollars and not being involved in the community. They’ve also been accused of stealing Black designer’s designs. In response to the backlash resulting from #BlackLivesMatter protests most recently, they announced several partnerships and giveaways. They recently announced a $1,000,000 grant. Megan Thee Stallion will provide a scholarship fundCardi B. gave away $1 million in COVID relief

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The online shop with brick and mortar stores in Cali proved they are culture vultures with BBLs.

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Should We Stop Supporting Fashion Nova Because They’ve Been Accused Of Stealing Black Designs?

Megan Thee Stallion denies that Fashion Nova Designs were stolen from a black-owned, woman-owned brand

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