Fashion Nova And The Shade Room Donating $100K In Honor Of Ma’Khia Bryant

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Fashion NovaAre you interested in partnering with The Shade Room to promote peace in response to the death of Ma’Khia Bryant.

Fashion Nova Cares is donating $100K to Peace4Kids’ ROCMove Initiative alongside the Shade Room.

ROCMove is an initiative that empowers foster children by sharing their stories. Peace4Kids refers to the podcast that broadcasts their voices.

CNN reported that the foster care system is failing teens as CNN reported. BryantAn officer witnessed her use a knife and saw her in an altercation with two adults, leading to her death.

As BLACK ENTERPRISE reported, BryantThe 16-year-old was in foster care through Franklin County Children Services. Columbus Police Officer Nicholas Reardon jumped out of his car to go to the house where police were dispatched after someone called 911 claiming they were being threatened.


Other than one witness and footage from the police bodycam, there were not many details about this tragic incident.

Police records showThree 911 calls were made to foster home BryantOne of the homes that they lived in, and one of which the caller used Bryant’s sister’s name to make a threat “to kill someone in their foster home if she couldn’t be placed in a different home.”

“The system is broken and we just as a country have not come to terms with that,”Cheryl Grills is a Loyola Marymount University psychology professor who has supported and investigated child welfare reform. “They have a duty to protect and ensure a child’s well-being and that’s where I see the system failing miserably.”

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Fashion Nova Care launched in honor of Women’s History Month, with its first partner being recording artist Megan Thee Stallion giving out $25,000 or more, or a total of $1,000,000, to women-led organizations.

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