‘Fashion is my life’-Fashion designer

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Kwa-Thema – As we continue to celebrate women who are breaking barriers in society and the business space, this week, we are celebrating fashion designer Thuli Makofane (34).
She studied fashion designSprings College for two years, and has not looked back.
Makofane is currently the Street Corner Academy’s head of designers. She joined Street Corner Academy in 2012.
Before joining the organization, she used to make her clothes and loved dressing up dolls.

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They specialize in streetwear, including hoodies and T-shirts, sweaters as well as tracksuits and caps.
Streetwear is a casual style that is worn by urban youth.
Her passion for drawing is the reason she was attracted to this field. fashion.
She is a wife and mother, as well as a daughter.
“I love what I do as it gives me purpose.
“I can earn a living, grow as a creative and bring beautiful pieces to life.
“There’s no better feeling in the world than seeing people embrace or use something you have created as a form of expression.
“Our clothes say a lot about us, they speak to our realities, state of mind and dreams too,”She explained.

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Makofane claimed she chose street fashionIt is loved by most youth.
“We all want to form our own identity, so street fashion gives you the ability to separate yourself from others.
“Also, it is all about thinking out of the box and allowing the creative juices to flow,”She said.

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