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Everything You need to Know About Wildflower Cases

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What are Wildflower Cases and How Do They Work?

Wildflowers A HUBZone, a woman-owned small business serving the Federal Government for three decades from our headquarters in the Wild, Wild West of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Family owned by women. Wildflower Cases is an iPhone accessory company that is owned and operated by women in Los Angeles, California.

When was Wildflower Cases first established?


We started Wildflower in 2012 when Instagram just started talking off. Sydney was 14 years old, and I was 17. We created social media accounts for Wildflower using every platform we could imagine (just for fun).

Where are wildflower cases found?

Los Angeles, California
Wildflower Cases, a woman-owned and operated iPhone accessories business, is located in Wildflower Cases. Los Angeles, California. Each edition is exclusive and limited. fashionMichelle Carlson, founder and Sydney and Devon Carlson, are the designers of the iPhone accessory.

Are wildflowers worth the effort?

It was It’s definitely worth every penny. It is not too thick and protects. It is an original Wildflower bag and I would purchase it again. This product is easy to use and slips on easily.

I also heard a lot people complaining about the design being fabric. The All original wildflower bags have fabric designs. This case is perfect, despite it being fake. It’s exactly the same quality and case that the wildflower cases. I highly recommend it.

Are wildflower cases really protected?

Our cases are extremely protective. however, we do not claim to be a “rugged”Type of case that protects your iPhone from being dropped, damaged, or mishandled.

Why are wildflowers so popular?

These cute cases are very popular because They are of high quality. They are handmade and stand out with their unique designs. They are designed to protect, but not as much like LifeProof. Wildflower cases are $35 on average, which is quite expensive for such a case.

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