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Essie Winter 2021 Nail Polish Collection Review

Essie Winter 2021 Nail Polish Collection Review
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I like to plan my season wardrobe and accessories ahead. That includes nail polish. A nail color can really add flair to an outfit, especially during the holidays. Essie’s new winter collectionIt caught my attention. It was inspired by childhood toys and features bright and playful colors, as well as traditional and non-conventional Winter shades. 

After Essie sent me the collection, I put it to the test to see if the colors looked just as good painted on as they did in the bottle, and — spoiler alert — they were even better. These six shades are versatile and I have made them my permanent holiday reds. 

Below, shop Essie’s winter collection at Amazon. Scroll down for my review and photos of each shade on my nails.

I know that some people claim that nail polish shades are the best. “perfect”Holiday red is a bold statement. But Essie’s Toy to the World, in my opinion, lives up to that title. It’s bold and bright because it is a coral-based color. I find many red polishes in festive collections to be too dark and go unnoticed. (I received many compliments when I wore Toy to the World. This is always a plus. It is not limited to the holiday season. This shade is versatile enough to be worn throughout the winter without feeling like I’m missing out on my holiday season. “Christmas nails” on.

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There are many metallic nail polishes that are tacky and not very flattering, and I have never found one I loved enough to wear again during the holidays. Essie’s Jingle Belle is a shimmery, glam silver that you will want to wear for weeks after New Years Eve. It has an opaque finish that glitter polishes can’t match, which I love. It looks great paired with Toy to the World.

All Dolled Up, a fun shade that is pinkier than red for the holidays will suit you well. It surprised me because it is a bright, hot pink shade that I wouldn’t consider winter-friendly. But, after wearing it for two week, I am now totally reformed. It’s so flattering that I couldn’t help but look at my nails all the time.

Forest green is a favorite color of mine, and Lucite Of Reality is my favorite. It’s deep and creamy with a hint o teal, so it doesn’t look too dark. It is definitely lighter in person than in the photos. This shade would look great in the fall and winter.

Glee-for All is the only nail color that truly embodies champagne. It’s a beautiful pink-gold shade with lots of sparkles. Although it’s a light color, it’s difficult to capture the magic effects it has on camera. However, I was full of joy while I put it on. It’s subtle enough to wear every day, and I know I’ll be reaching for it whenever my mood takes me away from more bold colors.

Sometimes we need a hint of summer during the winter — a reminder that warmer weather will return — and that’s what Don’t Kid Yourself does for me. The bright peachy shade would be exactly what I reach for in the middle July, but it’s also something I enjoy using in the middle January when I need a little lift. 

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