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Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Unites The Android Twins, 17 And 18

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Since their debut in 2005, Androids 17-18 have come a long distance. Dragon Ball Z, became important allies of the Z-Fighters throughout Dragon Ball SuperBoth the Tournament of Power, and Moro Arks. Two cosplayers were able to bring 17 and 18 alive with the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. With many new androids, the Red Ribbon Army has been brought back.

Since their inception, the brother and sister team who were given cybernetic life by Dr. Gero have seen exponential growth. Dragon Ball Z. 17 was, for example, the winner of The Tournament of Power. He aided Goku and Z-Fighters in defeating other universes as well as taking down Jiren. 17 stood toe-to-toe with Vegeta, Goku, and Frieza. He fortunately used his wish to restore all the universes that were destroyed by Xeno due to their respective losses. The perfect allies for the Z-Fighters were the androids during the Moro Ark, which has yet been brought to the small screen. The villainous sorcerer couldn’t absorb the energy from their synthetic forms.

Fer Schwebel, Instagram Account, shared this pair of Cosplayers who have brought Androids 17 & 18 to life. It takes us back to the time when they were trying to eliminate Goku and also to save themselves from being absorbed into Cell to help him achieve his Perfect Form.

One major secret about androids has yet to be disclosed is the Android 17 family. The artificial human was restoring the island’s wildlife from Dragon Ball Super. He stated that he also had a wife and children. We have not yet seen 17’s family in flesh. However, this may change in future. Dragon Ball Super manga returns.

Do you think that we’ll see the androids returning on the next arc Dragon Ball Super? Let us know what you think in the comments. You can also reach me on Twitter @EVComedy if you have any questions about comics, anime, or the world of Z-Fighters. 

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