Does Cardi B own Fashion Nova? Clothing brand goes ‘ghetto’ by asking people to spend Covid-19 stimulus money


After people began sharing a text they claim the online store sent them, Fashion Nova became a trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday, March 16th. This encouraged customers to spend their Covid-19 money on their website.

The fashionstore sent its customers a text message “The STIMMY FOR ME Let’s G000! Save Up To 80% OFF SITEWIDE & Make That $1400 Stretch! Use Code: SAVE80 & Shop ASAP.”


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People started sharing the text on social media as soon as they received it. “Fashion Nova with Its The Stimmy For Me promo.”Another one said: “The devil works hard but Fashion Nova works even harder.”

One user shared a screenshot. “I’m so dead, whoever tweeted saying fashion nova was gonna say ‘it’s the stimmy for me’ was too accurate I’m crying.”Another one: “IM SO WEAK WHO WAS THE ONE THAT TWEETED FASHION NOVA GONE BE LIKE, “ITS THE STIMMY FOR ME” WHEN THEY TXT US BC ON GOD THATS THE MESSAGE I JUST GOT.”

I’m so dead, whoever tweeted saying fashion nova was gonna say “ it’s the stimmy for me “ was too accurate I’m crying 😭😭 pic.twitter.com/KqwgrobFFK

— 𝑅𝑒𝓃 ❀ (@STARYFUL) March 16, 2021


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— markeishaaaa 💕 (@markeishaxoxo) March 16, 2021

Slamming the text message, a person wrote “something about fashion nova using marketing techniques to try and convince ppl to spend their unemployment relief money on fast fashion that they charge up the ass for while exploiting workers in third world countries don’t sit right w me.”One user laughed at the message and said: “honestly if you get Fashion Nova text alerts that’s on you.”

Some information about fashion novaMarketing techniques are used to convince people to spend their unemployment aid money fast. fashion that they charge up the ass for while exploiting workers in third world countries don’t sit right w me pic.twitter.com/YYOiDx6WWf

— K (@lkbbradley) March 16, 2021

Another wrote: “Y’all still giving y’all money to fashion nova? A brand known from stealing from black designers? The fact y’all support them is disgusting .”One user wrote: “Fashion Nova can’t be serious! This is disgusting.”User added “Fashion Nova is so ghetto for that text.”

Y’all still giving y’all money to fashion nova? A brand that steals from black designers? The fact y’all support them is disgusting .

— BOO YOU WHORE😒 (@jojos_land) March 17, 2021

Fashion Nova is so ghetto that it’s a text😭

— AC. AC.

Cardi Bowns Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova is not owned by Cardi B. Although she has released two lines of clothing with Fashion Nova, she does not own the entire company. Richard Saghian founded the brand in 2006. He is currently the company’s CEO. Fashion Nova is a clothing retailer that does almost all its business online, which is a departure from most.

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The clothing company operates five stores in California and ships clothing to thousands of people worldwide. Fashion Nova’s online success is because of its partnerships with influencers. Fashion Nova pays celebrities to wear their clothes and encourages fans to buy the brand’s products on Instagram.

Cardi B was an influencer for Fashion Nova prior to launching her own clothing line. According to reports, she was paid $20,000 each month to wear Fashion Nova clothes and post pictures of her outfits.

Richard Saghian, CEO of the company, stated that Cardi B and his partnership have been mutually beneficial. He was the one who gave her samples first, even though he knew that she would need them. fashion designers did not believe in her. Cardi B became a superstar and took Fashion Nova with. She posts many photos of the outfits she receives from Fashion Nova. Her fans are quick to purchase the products and copy her style.

Megan Thee Stallion and the brand made headlines this year for their partnership on the first anniversary of Breonna’s death. Stallion and the brand partnered to donate $100,000 to Breonna Taylor Foundation.

Stallion posted: “A year ago today Breonna Taylor was tragically taken from her family and friends. Breonna’s name continues to be a catalyst for change and a powerful reminder that justice has still not been served. Fashion Nova and I are proud to give $100,000 to the @breonnataylorfoundation created by @tamikalpalmer to honor the memory of her daughter.”

“The core mission of the foundation is to support economic, social, and racial justice through police reform and government accountability. The foundation also seeks to help young people to realize their full potential, empowering them to participate in political processes and achieve better health, with mentorship programs for high-school girls, after-school initiatives, and educational support.  #BreonnaTaylorFoundation #JusticeForBre #SayHerName #BlackLivesMatter #BlackWomenMatter.”

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