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Diamondbacks Dodgers 9/22/2022 Game Recap Zac Gallen Bullpen

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Much has been written about Zac Gallen by those who are more talented than I. Zach Buchanan provided some background information on where this man came from and how it got here. Dan SzymborskiHis recent ended streak of scoreless innings. The Marlins were looking to trade for a pitcher, but the D-backs have reacted well to Gallen and Zac’s success. Zac is now eligible to receive Cy Young votes and the bonus cash that goes with it. And at 27 years old and reaching arbitration for the first time under superagent Scott Boras, Gallen is going to get paid and it won’t be at a discount after He had already swindled him more than a few thousand times earlier in his career..

For the DodgersAnother Cy Young candidate, Julio Urias, took the podium. Gallen’s performance has been impressive, but Urias is just as good. Over the last month and 25 innings for the two of them, Urias has a 1.80 ERA and a 4-0 record compared to Gallen’s 1.78 ERA and 3-1 record. Fans were in for a treat.

Both of them delivered. Both were matched through the first couple innings and each grabbed two strikeouts as they moved into the third inning tied. Sergio Alcantara, the D-backs’ right fielder, finally scored. Varsho lined the ball in the hole and Lux attempted to get Alcantara at second base. However, the bag was too large and both runners were able to advance. Perdomo grounded out weakly on a pulled-in field, and Stone Garrett lined an infield ball to center, scoring Alcantara. 1-0 lead.

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Gallen responded in turn and struck out the side. It took Gallen only 14 pitches to do this. But the 4th saw Gallen’s first signs of trouble, albeit it started as normal. Trea Turner struck out. Freeman grounded out at 1st. But Rivera was playing defense so his toss towards the bag was high. Gallen hit the back of it and began to twist his ankle awkwardly. He shook it off, and inducing a lazy ball down the left field lines, Stone Garrett tried desperately to dive for the ball. It rolled past him for a triple for the Dodgers. Muncy battled off four straight curveballs before lining up a cutter down the line for an easy double. 1-1.

The Dodgers couldn’t beat Zac Gallen in their 8-inning epic. He allowed only two hits and struck out 13. Take a moment to enjoy the glory of Zac God.

With 11 strikeouts in the same 8 innings, Urias and his bullpen managed to keep D-backs away. They have a bullpen that is well-functioning, but they also have a closer problem. Craig Kimbrel was called in the 9th.

Jake McCarthy immediately mimed hitting-by-pitch, which was allowed after a review. He also stole 2nd, but bounced off the bag due to his speed. Christian Walker was out at-bat. It doesn’t matter.

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His 36th homer of 2011 put the D-backs up 2-1.

Unfortunately for Zac he had to give the ball to the D’backs bullpen, Reyes Moronta in this instance. Bellinger completed the count before he hit. This pitchFor a leadoff double, he threw the ball off the wall. Turner grounded out, and Free Freeman was intentionally walked in order to bring up Will Smith. Smith lined a ball between shortstop & 3rd that a diving Perdomo could corral but was unable to corral. The 2nd was late, loading up for Muncy against Joe Mantiply. Up 1-2 in count Mantiply inducing a swing on a pitch off of the plateJust weak enough to allow everyone safely reach the safety line, tying up 2 all.Justin Turner struck out to make the 2nd out. However, pinch-hitter Mookiebetts did MVP-like things by pitching a 3-2 pitch to the left for the winner. 3-2 Dodgers.

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All you have to do is visit Zac Gallen. +.400 WPA The bullpen at a combined -.809 WPA. Walker’s 9th inning homer rounded out his day for a +.288 WPAOn the evening.

There is not much red in the Gamethread, so no one wins tonight! Tommy Henry will start against the Giants for the first game in the D-backs’ last home series. The first pitch is at 6:40 p.m.

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