Designer Roland Mouret’s fashion house collapses into administration with loss of 80 jobs 

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Designer Roland Mouret, 60, has placed his luxury fashion house into administration. He is pictured above with Meghan Markle in Toronto in 2016

The designerBehind one of fashionThe most iconic modern dress worn by Victoria Beckham & Meghan Markle was the one that he has now placed his luxury. fashionAdministration into house 

Roland Mouret, 60 designerAfter closing his Mayfair flagship store in London and calling in creditors, the designer of the ‘Mouret Galax dress’ has now come crashing back to earth. 

The Galaxy dress was fitted with a square neckline, and was worn by Hollywood A-listers Scarlett Johansson. Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry also wore it.

The much-loved garment was also popular in the royal family. Meghan Markle was photographed wearing it. designerIn the past, frocks were popular. 

However, the luxury brand’s 84 employees are now without work. The company told shocked staff that coronavirus was to be blamed for the rapid fall from grace.

One worker, who was pictured in the Mayfair store by administrators and removal workers on Thursday, admitted that the shutdown had occurred’super abruptly. 

Designer Roland Mouret, 60, has placed his luxury fashionhouse into administration. He is pictured above in Toronto with Meghan Markle in 2016.

Roland Mouret has closed his flagship Mayfair store in London (pictured) and called in the creditors

Roland Mouret, London’s flagship Mayfair store (pictured), has closed and called in the creditors

The much-coveted garment also made waves within the royal family, with Meghan Markle being pictured wearing the designer's frocks in the past

The highly-coveted garment was also popular in the royal family. Meghan Markle was pictured wearing it. designerThe past’s frocks

The Roland Mouret Galaxy gown was born. fashionIt was introduced in 2005 and has been a’must-have’ item.

Initially retailing at £990, it sold out at Harvey Nichols with a waiting list stretching back months. 

Its shape was achieved by the thick, elasticised mesh underlay. This material, Powerflex, was used in corsets in 1950s.

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It pulled the waist in, pushed up the abdomen and raised the bottom. Another aspect of its genius was its origami draped shoulders. This made it an instant icon. fashionAll around the globe, circles. 

Carol Vorderman once said about the iconic dress: “The Galaxy saw me curves and instead hid them, this dress made us feel beautiful.” It still hangs in mine. 

As the French-born Mouret, who resides in Suffolk, stated: ‘When I design a dress for a woman, I also think of the man who is going to take it off her.’

Its success was a roaring success, with Topshop selling thousands of Galaxy-style dresses per week. 

However, it seems that not even the loyalty to famous customers such as the Duchesses and Sussex have been able save Mouret the financial consequences of this pandemic.  

Only administrators and men with removals vehicles were allowed into the Mayfair shop on Thursday, as pieces of expensive furniture were being moved.

Large plants, a chess board, and even an image of a black bear were all part of the pieces.

In an interview with the Financial Times earlier this year, Mouret claimed he would be the industry’s ‘last man standing’After competitors collapsed during pandemic. 

In 2010, the label was feared to go bankrupt. The label survived fears of bankruptcy in 2010. designer generated sales of £16million in 2019, but made a profit of just £950,000. 

One former employee, who declined to be identified, said that yesterday was an emotional day for everyone. Roland Mouret can be described as a member of the family. We were all very emotional.

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“It happened yesterday. We were told in person, which was very nice, but very painful.

“It’s a sad story because it was wonderful working here so people are very broken.

“We knew it might be coming due to the coronavirus. It’s all that and nothing more.

“We lost 95 percent of our customers and our revenue fell.”

Victoria Beckham wearing the Galaxy in 2007, two years after the iconic dress made its debut

In 2007, Victoria Beckham wore the Galaxy in 2007, two year after the iconic dress debuted.

Halle Berry wearing the flattering design in 2012. The secret to its seductive shape lay in the thick, elasticised mesh underlay, made from a material called Powerflex that was used in corsets in the 1950s

Halle Berry wearing the flattering design2012. It was released in 2012. 

The woman stated that the company has been placed into administration and that it will likely be purchased by a new owner.

“We don’t know when it will be because everything happened so abruptly.

‘It’s difficult. Roland is a very nice person. It’s likely not the end of his name.

“It’s not clear if they’re looking to buy the business at the moment. The senior managers and management probably know some things, but they won’t tell us.

Another ex-staffer also declined to be identified, saying: “I can’t talk about it – It’s been very difficult.”

In a September interview with the Financial Times, Mr Mouret attributed the coronavirus to the launch of activewear. He also stated that sales had initially plunged by 80 percent due to the pandemic.

He said, “We lost 20 years in a single day.” It will take us five years, I think. [to fully recover].’

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