Designer Ashlyn So brings activism to New York Fashion Week with collection inspired by ‘Stop Asian Hate’ movement

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Designer Ashlyn So brings activism to New York Fashion Week with collection inspired by 'Stop Asian Hate' movement

NEW YORK — Fashion designer Ashlyn So spent her entire summer transforming unconventional materials into wearable activism culminating in her newest New York Fashion Week collection called, “Beneath the Surface.”

“There’s this term called ‘artivism’ that’s coming out now in the activism community, it’s bridging art and activism,” explains model and founder of Youth Advocates for Change Tiana Day. “Ashlyn is the role model piece for that.”

With zip ties, plastic balls, and blue and white fabrics forming optical illusions, So’s third fashion week appearance creatively propels change by honoring the ‘Stop Asian Hate’ movement.

“People see us as really quiet, you know, it’s like an easy target,” So. “But, there’s so much more deep down, which is kind of what ‘Beneath the Surface’ is symbolizing.”

So’s purposeful design speaks loudly to cultural themes that are represented throughout, beginning with the color scheme.

“Porcelain is really a big part of Chinese and Japanese culture and Asian culture in general,” So explained. “All the colors are inspired by porcelain, like the blue and white.”

Most prominently, each handmade design features repeating materials that represent the strength of the AAPI community, inspiring hope and solidarity.

“When someone goes low, you know, you go high, and that’s what I wanted to create with these zip ties because they’re kind of going up,” So. “It’s symbolizing how we’re using love over hate.”

“I also used some of the foam to create a better structure for the pieces,” continued So. “It represents how we’re building this platform so that the next generation won’t face all these issues, and we’ll create a better world for them.”

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Ashlyn promotes unity through her designs. She has youth activists and other allies who model her designs.

“I think the goal of her collection is to bring people together,” Angela Wu, Ashlyn’s mom, said that Ashlyn is a model and activist. “Getting to know each other and our history and our background really helps people unite.”

“When I was younger, I barely saw any Asian representation,” Bella Galera, activiste and model, was recalled. “Seeing such a young person today stand up for our community is so amazing, and I feel so empowered.”

Ashlyn will be bringing her New York Fashion Week collection back to the Bay, for everyone to see at the annual Moon Fest Night Market San Jose. Learn more about the event by visiting here

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