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Daniella Chávez and Alexa Dellanos model with charms for Fashion Nova – CVBJ

Daniella Chávez and Alexa Dellanos model with charms for Fashion Nova – CVBJ
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Daniella Chávez and Alexa Dellanos model with charms at 2×1 | INSTAGRAM

Among the models of social networks there are strong relationships thanks to the brands with which they collaborate in this case we will approach two of the favorites of the Internet users The Chilean Daniella Chávez and the American Alexa Dellanos, who met to have a good time together and to continue Representing To Fashion Nova.

These are two videos that were shared on the profile of Alexa as well as Dani. Some clips in which we can see how they get along and how they met in a beautiful way. Restaurant They were using one of their devices. Dresses plus flirtatious And Elegant They also shared drinks together and toasted each other’s achievements.

One of our favorite activities is the chilean It’s to celebrate all the positive things that have happened in her life. She was able to do this with one of her coworkers, which made her feel happier to have people who are doing well for her. .

We were just watching Daniella’s presumption that she had bought herself a brand-name bag as a birthday present yesterday. ‘Hermes’This is a costly investment and, despite the fact many people would consider it a mistake. She considers it a Luxury that can be attributed to their dedication and hard work.

This is how the famous Influencer He was honored for surpassing his 15,000,000 Instagram followers. He also celebrated many years with all the accomplishments he has achieved since he had hoped to achieve his goals for so much time.

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Daniella Chávez / Instagram

Daniella Cháves loves to represent the stylish brands she wears.

Alexa Dellanos is a young woman who is very motivated to continue her work as an Influencer. This is especially true now that brands trust her to promote their clothing sets.

The beautiful American continues to reap the benefits of her hard work, but many Internet users think she should have followed in her mother’s footsteps, Mirka de Llanos, the well-known Telemundo presenter. She is one reason why they believe she is wasting her opportunity. However, she has always longed to be a model and she will not let any comment stop her from pursuing her dream.

Some Internet users believed Alexa had lost it and that she had been subject to such comments. She said that she simply needed to take a moment to relax from all that is happening on the networks.

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