FITTING FOR SUCCESS: Daniel Ricciardo Shows What Dressing for Victory can Do

Daniel Ricciardo Proves Dressing For Success Works With $2,000 Designer Jeans Flex

It’s been a long time coming, but Daniel Ricciardo is finally back where he belongs: on top of a Formula One podium.

The unaffable Australian F1 champ has had a rough time of it over the past few years. Ricciardo is struggling to find consistency since leaving Red Bull for Renault in 2018, only to switch to McLaren again at the end 2020. Ricciardo’s first half of 2021 World Championship looked like it was going to be a disaster. He seemed slow to adapt to the new car, and the new team. Many commentators had already written him off; stick a fork in him, he’s done.

This weekend’s Italian Grand Prix was action-packed. ‘The Honey Badger’McLaren has won the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix and his first since 2012. McLaren’s teammate Lando Norris was second, making it a McLaren-McLaren tie. This is their first win since the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix. Needless to state, McLaren and Australian F1 fans are thrilled right now.

But was the outcome ever in doubt? They say you’ve got to dress for success, so if you were paying attention to Ricciardo’s outfit on Friday, you’d know that he was always going to succeed. The typically fairly understated racer was spotted wearing a pair of $2,000 AMIRI jeans ahead of qualifying… Dropping that much coin on some distressed denim seems ludicrous, but maybe it was a good omen. That’s what we think, at least.

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Ricciardo completed his look with Revenge X Storm sneakers (like a designerVersion of Vans) as an alternative. ‘Enchanté’t-shirt from his own line of merch. Surprisingly, he decided to forgo his $1.2 million Richard Mille RM 50-03 Tourbillon Split-Seconds Chronograph he got when he joined McLaren… Maybe he didn’t want to jinx things by being too lavish?

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AMIRI is a cult designerLos Angeles native and renowned founder of label fashion designerMike Amiri, a rock-and roll artist and lavish take on classic Americana, is well-known. fashionYou can find staples like varsity jackets, baseball caps, and, of course, jeans jeans. Other celebrities who are a fan of his work include Axl Rose, Justin Bieber, Steven Tyler and Anthony Davis.

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Ricciardo’s win at Monza brings him to 8 total Grand Prix wins, putting him ahead of legends like John Surtees (6 wins), Keke Rosberg (5 wins) and Bruce McLaren (4 wins), tieing him with Denny Hulme and Jacky Ickx, and just one win behind Australia’s previous F1 hero Mark Webber as well as current F1 driver Valtteri Bottas. Of the 17 Australians who have ever raced in F1, he’s the fourth most successful, behind Webber, Alan Jones (12 wins) and Sir Jack Brabham (14 wins).

While it’s funny to joke about his expensive jeans, his win in Italy is a testament to how hard work pays off. Ricciardo might be known as F1’s biggest personality and a bit of a comedian, but the upbeat Aussie is serious when it comes to his racecraft. He puts in a lot of effort to keep fit and at the top of his game. His dedication pays off.

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