CMYUK Launches Creatives in Residence Live and Worldwide Design Competition

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Government scheme supports unique internships and industry partners provides invaluable opportunities for young creatives

CMYUK, Shrewsbury – CMYUK It has announced the launch Creatives in Residence Live Programme. This exciting initiative will provide two young surface designers with an opportunity to shine. and A 6-month placement is available for one talented videographer CMYUK’s advanced digital training and demonstration facility in Shrews bury.

Market-leading brands Epson and Canon support CIRL, as well as Mimaki, EFI and Klieverik and Kongsberg. A number of industry mentors such as Aquario and Standfast and Barracks and The Pattern Room has also confirmed their participation in The learning process, with more collaboration as the project develops.

This initiative is open to young people registered on the government’s Kickstart scheme. CMYUK This has been seized as an opportunity to establish a disciplined and A comprehensive internship program that helps you transition from a school setting to the world of business.

Through practical applications, young designers will be able to develop their creative talents. and Learn from industry experts. The chosen videographer will capture these ventures through a vlog, producing an engaging multi-platform, social media story for the décor, fashion, design and print communities – adding an interactive dimension to the progressive learning experience.

Digital textile printing – a watershed moment
The textile industry is currently undergoing radical transformation – disrupted by digital printing capabilities and E-commerce business models. These models allow for quick-run personal isation or one-off production. and Just-in-time processes that dispense with the need for expensive storage or the creation of surplus items that don’t sell.

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These trends can be fully absorbed by young creatives through CIRL and Technologies that provide insight and experience and It is a great asset to their early career development.

Learning by doing real work and mentoring
A six-month-long curriculum containing monthly modules was created exclusively by a multi-disciplinary practitioner and industry expert. and award-winning textile designer Debbie McKeegan. Debbie McKeegan, a pioneer of TexIntel, an online resource for the digital fabric community, is also the Textile Ambassador for FESPA.

Each module is the foundation of the knowledge and The designers need to know the details in order for them to complete their monthly briefs and It is supported in Collaboration with a variety of industry experts and print designers, as well as specialist practitioners and mentors. At the end, all involved will gather to celebrate the creatives’ achievements in Residence

“I am thrilled to be part of this unique project which has put the needs of the next generation at its core. The curriculum I have originated delivers creatives a comprehensive, practical insight into real world digital production and commercial isation. The calibre of mentors and industry experts that have signed up to assist these young people is significant, presenting an opportunity of a lifetime. Texintel is also CMYUK’s promotional media partner for the event – all modules and content will be available online as this exciting learning experience unfolds,” said Debbie.

Worldwide design competition
Throughout the process the CIRL experience can be captured and Shared on social media to encourage an interactive community that is exposed all the learning experiences by the in-House creatives

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CIRL is intended to be a collaborative experience. All briefs will be available online for design students around the world. Each brief will be subject to a monthly competition, and the winning entries will be evaluated by industry leaders. and All are included.

“Creatives in Residence Live is a stimulating project that has scaled-up the Kickstart scheme into an exciting springboard opportunity with global industry exposure,” said Robin East, Sales & Marketing Director, CMYUK.

“We were determined to create something inspirational that could benefit as many young people as possible, which ignited the live interactive ‘fly-on-the-wall’ aspect. It’s also been truly uplifting to witness the genuine enthusiasm from industry mentors and sponsors who have already signed up. The programme starts on September 5th and we are very excited to watch it unfold, as CIRL will make a real difference to the prospects of these young people.”

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