Uyghur community is honored by Chinese-Swedish designer Louise Xin’s digital fashion show

Models wear gowns made by designerLouise Xin displays signs and a banner during a digitization fashion showAugust 2021, Stockholm, Sweden Photo courtesy Louise Xin

Chinese-Swedish fashion designer Louise Xin gave her first digital gift to the Internet.

fashion show to the Uyghur community to raise awareness about the genocidal policies targeting the Muslim minority group in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region. 

Louise Xin, a Stockholm-based tailor, turns upcycled materials to create elaborate and colorful handmade gowns. fashionBrand “Louise Xin”In November last year. With the launch, Louise Xin became Scandinavia’s first rental-only couture label to change consumption habits to become more sustainable by renting and not buying new clothes all the time. 

Louise Xin’s first digital fashion showOn 31 August, a five-minute presentation was held. It ended with a model in a newspaper print coat and untangling a banner that read “The Model.” “Free Uyghur: End All Genocide.”

Follow her fashion show Chinese born fashion designer spoke with reporter Nuriman Abdurashid of RFA’s Uyghur Service, about why she chose her couture pieces to call attention to the struggles Urghurs are facing, what the inspiration behind her fashionHow she protested and how she enlisted the assistance of Jewher Tohti daughter of Ilham Tohti Uyghur academic detained to draw attention on the use of Uyghur forcible labor in the apparel sector.

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