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CEO Spotlight: Inside Richard Saghian’s Winning Strategy for Fashion Nova

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Fashion Nova was ranked the most Googled because of many factors. fashionInstagram has more than 18 million followers and is the most popular brand in 2018. What makes Fashion Nova so successful

It all boils down to strategy. How is Richard Saghian capable of making such an impact? While the fashionFashion Nova makes great strides in the reverse direction as the industry shifts to a slower model of business. Its affordable, accelerated business model keeps its clients on their toes.

Fashion Nova strategy is a great choice in a world that is dominated by fashion trends. If you love the dress your favorite artist is wearing you can have it in a matter of hours – and for an affordable price. With ever-changing trends fashionTrends are always in demand.

Here’s what makes Fashion Nova so successful.

Faster ProductionFashion Nova works with more than 1000 manufacturers in Los Angeles, who can create samples within 24 hours of receiving your order. design.
The models are then made available for photographers as in-house models the next day. Fashion Nova offers every style in multiple colors, expanding its range. With such efficiency, Fashion Nova releases more clothes every week than any of its major rivals.
There’s always something new to purchase. Customers are happy and their wardrobes stay current. fashionTrends
Social Media Marketing  Fashion Nova has the best social media strategy in the industry. It is no surprise that Saghian refers it to as a viral brand.  They post every 30 mins and also comment and like when a customer tags their posts.
Saghian capitalizes on the need to be seen and heard by the current generation, most of whom are between 16 and 35 years old, and uses these platforms aggressively to advertise the business. Engaging in conversations with them and acknowledging their posts, along with catchy captions, ensures that they are happy.
To ensure everyone is involved, they have separate accounts for their male brand.
Fashion Nova distributes its products worldwide by using a network of more than 3000 influencers, including Blac Chyna and Cardi B. They either give the influencers free clothing or purchase their sponsored posts. They market their product to their millions upon millions of followers. They created an apparel brand in May 2019 with CardiB, which sold out in 9 days through her more than 68 million Instagram followers.
All-inclusive  The fashion industry is notoriously exclusive when it comes to sizing, and Fashion Nova’s strategy to include a wide range of sizes, accommodating curvier women and wider hips, is an informed business decision. You can get clothes from XS to XXL – something you cannot say for all other major fashionRetailers
Fashion Nova has also launched Fashion Nova Plus, which is a plus-size line to cater to its growing market. They have also recently launched a men’s brand, providing affordable fast fashionThe latest trends for men as well.
Friendly Prices Fashion Nova customers usually buy at full price as 95 percent of our products are under $50. Other clothing, such as jeans and crop tops, sell for an average of $35. These quality products are priced at an affordable price. fashion accessible, fun, and approachable for people of all ages – and budgets.
Customers get value: Learning from his parents, who owned a women’s retail shop, founder Richard Saghian understands the importance of nurturing and valuing his customer relationships. Instead of focusing on increasing his profit margins, Richard Saghian focuses on providing the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. This way, all his customers feel valued – and want to keep coming back.

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