Celebrity actress Kate Hudson opens first San Diego Fabletics at Fashion Valley

Fabletics is a fast-growing brand of athletic clothing that was founded by Kate Hudson.

It has opened its first San Diego branch at Fashion Valley mall.The store measures 1,745 square feet and is packed with technology. It brings some of the sophistication of internet commerce to brick-and mortar retail. The store opened last weekend and will host a special VIP event for select members on Thursday.

The online retailer started Fabletics in 2013. It is most well-known for its subscription model where users can have their workout clothes delivered straight to their door. Fabletics began opening brick-and mortar stores last year as a way to expand from e-commerce. But the company’s digital roots are apparent in its new San Diego location, where technology is embedded in the shopping experience.

San Diego’s new Fabletics store uses technology to connect in-store shopping with online operations. (Courtesy Fabletics).

Guests who visit the store can expect to receive a greeting from an associate who will verify their membership status. If a shopper isn’t a member, they’re encouraged to create a free profile at a kiosk in the store. Creating an account allows the shopper to take advantage of the store’s tech perks, like tracking what clothes you try on and getting personalized outfit suggestions based on previous purchases.

A large iPad outside of the dressing room will display the name of the customer when the shopper enters. Another tablet can be used inside the fitting room to request different sizes and pieces. The iPad will also have suggestions on how to style the clothes you’re trying on and personalized offers, among other features.

San Diego’s new Fabletics store uses technology to connect in-store shopping with online operations. (Courtesy Fabletics).

Fabletics calls its software OmniShop, which connects in-store sales to the company’s online operations. Adam Goldenberg, the co-founder and co-CEO of Fabletics’ parent company TechStyle, told TechCrunch earlier this year that the company invested more than $150 million in OmniShop. Obviously this isn’t just to spruce up the customer experience, but to provide the company with data that will inform its operations.

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Fabletics can see which styles are winning customers and which ones aren’t.

For example, the system allows Fabletics to see when a product isn’t converting well and investigate if there is a fit, sizing or style issue.

“Because different products are being scanned at the SKU level in the fitting rooms, they can track in real-time what’s converting and get an early read if there’s a problem in design,”Alexis Blais is a spokesperson for Fabletics.

Blais stated that the company recently reviewed the data and discovered that a popular legging was not selling in its XS size while other sizes were selling well.

“When they investigated it, they found there was a defect in the product and pulled them from the shelves and online,” Blais said.

Fabletics has 12 new retail stores opening in San Diego this year. There are currently 34 stores across the country.

San Diego’s new Fabletics store uses technology to connect in-store shopping with online operations. (Courtesy Fabletics).

The Fabletics shop is located on the second floor. mallThe shop is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

“I’m excited to continue to expand our retail footprint and bring our new store concept to San Diego,”Hudson, Fabletics cofounder, issued a statement. “Fabletics is a brand for all women and our mission from the very beginning was about so much more than just creating cute activewear. We wanted to build an inclusive community that inspired women to live an active lifestyle — and I am thrilled to bring that to the amazing women in San Diego!”

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