CDM School of Design boosting TVET by driving innovation in fashion training

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Ghana has been a leader in education for industrialization over the past few years.

Successive governments have put in place measures to accelerate the education sector in that regard and diversify Ghana’s human resource base by channeling efforts into practical learning.

Cabinet approved a five year strategic plan for Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) earlier this year. This bill included the introduction of TVET Service Bill for the enactment and operation of the TVET Service Bill, which includes the Amendment of Legislation for Council for TVET.

The plan also includes National Vocational Training Institutes (NVTI) and National Board for Professional and Technician Examinationss (NABPTEX).

To bring TVET’s vision to life, many institutions have been created, both private and public.

CDM School of Design is an Accra institution that is leading the way in skill development in the garment-making sector.

The school focuses on technology exploration and the acquisition and application of practical skills, understanding, knowledge and knowledge to the teeming Ghanaian young people.

CDMSD offers several courses including Certificate in Fashion Design, Diploma Fashion and Pathway Programmes, and Diploma in Fashion.

Rector for the school, Cecil Duddley Mends explained that in line with the TVET agenda, CDMSD’s “emphasis on training people for self-employment means establishing a center-based training facility equipped with the TVET curriculum to help promote skill acquisition and industrial development.”

Mr Mends believes in the style of fashion design goes beyond vocational training.

CDM School of Design boosting TVET by driving innovation in fashion training

The Rector serves as the CEO at CDM Fashion Couture. A well-known global community that serves all of the world, CDM Fashion Couture is run by the Rector. fashionClients’ needs

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He claims that he has had some encounters with interns from local communities who perform substandard work. designEven though he graduated from fashion schools, he was still concerned about the future.

Cecil, however, has taken the initiative to improve the skill-set of the next generation, based on his impressive track record.

“Over the years and eminently has CDM Fashion Couture seen students among other individuals from all around the globe especially interns and graduands from most fashion institutions come to shape & sharpen their fashion skills. Per the performances of these students & individuals which to me was a fairly pass grade, the call to gather all these people and all others with the ambition of becoming great fashion designers under one umbrella to give them all it takes to be great came into being,”He said.

Cecil Duddley Mends encouraged the youth to use the program because “there are a million untapped potential fashion markets out there that need to be tapped into hence CDMSD has all the requisite resources to equip you for the future.”

CDM School of Design boosting TVET by driving innovation in fashion training

The school’s curriculum is geared towards developing the full creative potential of students to designTo meet the needs of the country, and to create a niche of relevance in fashionSpace while creating a new avenue for earning income.

CDM School of Design boosting TVET by driving innovation in fashion training

The Rector said “the facility combined TVET & the UK fashion institution curriculum to train & help students create an impressive portfolio for themselves.”

The facility is equipped to provide a practical learning environment.

The Rector advised “every aspiring designer to enroll with us to experience this untapped strategy CDMSD has in stock.”

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CDM School of Design offers an all year round intake for Class 2021. You can apply here for prospective students.

The institution is situated at Baatsona off the Spintex Road in Accra and their website is www.cdmschoolofdesign.edu.gh.

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