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Best Valentine’s Day gift for him and her based on their star sign

Best Valentine's Day gift for him and her based on their star sign
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Caption: Ideal Valentine’s Day surprise depending on your partner’s star sign
Credit Getty / metro.co.uk

You aren’t sure what to give your other half? Valentine’s Day?

Don’t stress – you haven’t left it too late. There’s still time to plan something special.

And if you’re feeling lost, just look to the stars. Astrology is here to guide you through the ideal present for your partner – all you need to know is their star sign.

Not to get too hung up on February 14, but nailing the Valentine’s Day plans is pretty important.

Surprising and pleasing your partner on Valentine’s is the goal for most couples in love, it’s a date in the dairy to consciously and overtly showYou care about them.

Getting this right not only makes for a happy Valentine’s, but also shows them that you get them and understand what makes them tick.

Maybe their star sign can give you a clue as to what kind of unique gift or surprise will prove just that…


March 21 toApril 20

aries star sign

When it comes to dating an Aries, you can’t go wrong (Picture by Getty/Metro.co.uk).

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Aries: A grand gesture

Aries are a hard-working, ambitious, and passionate people. They want things bigger, bolder and brighter than others. They are hungry for praise, attention, and excess.

You actually can’t over-do it, okay? You can only do what you can afford, whether it is in monetary terms or at a cringe-level.

A weekend away? Yes.

A real proposal? Yes (in public, even better).

A piece of jewellery with an inscribed name? Yes.

A trail of red roses that leads to the bedroom with champagne and sexy clothing? Yes.

You can find everything you need about being an Aries by going here


April 21 to Mai 21

taurus star sign

Taureans’ love language? Food (Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Taurus: Dinner for two

Taureans love food. They love to eat.

I’m not talking about a ‘Happy Meal’ down at McDonald’s, I’m talking about a multi-course gastro extravaganza at the fanciest or newest place you can stretch to finding. Ideal with an overnight stay to allow you to continue the adventure. ‘courses’ straight afterwards (they’ll be in the mood).

For all the information you need about being a Taurus, visit this page


May 22-June 21


Keep things fresh for Geminis. (Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk).

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Gemini: Entertainment: Everything

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Geminis need stimulation, action, entertainment new news – like, constantly (you may’ve noticed they can have the TV on, be talking on the phone, scrolling a newsfeed, and idly writing a list all at the same time).

Get them access to whatever entertainment source is high on their list currently- be it tickets to something, a subscription, a new tech toy, a pass to the cinema… whatever they’re tuned into most, buy it.

For all the details about being a Gemini, visit this page


June 22 to July 23,

cancer star sign

Show affection (Picture courtesy of Getty/Metro.co.uk

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Cancer:All the romance

Cancerians are the Zodiac’s ultimate romantic. You can’t do anything that they don’t like. They want it all!

So, imagine what the most romantic person in the world would do a loved one on Valentine’s… and do it.

Pillows with photos of you two, flowers, chocolates or poems, as well as champagne and champagne flutes. Go big!


For all the information you need about being a cancer survivor, head here


July 24 to August 23,

leo star sign

Let them showOff (Picture by Getty/Metro.co.uk).

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Leo: Instagram-worthy experiences

Leos are not shallow in their love for performing and receiving admiration (if they don’t get jealous).

Giving them something or taking them to somewhere trendy, Instagrammable, and glamorous will make them smile like a happy lioness.

You can see their love for the pictures, the objects they adore and the places that they have made a bucket list.

You can find everything you need about being an Leo here


August 24 – September 23

virgo star sign

Dating Virgos? Skip the flowers (Picture by Getty/Metro.co.uk).

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Virgo:Practical things

Virgos are innately practical, conscientious, and down-to-earth creatures and would turn their nose up (secretly, because they’re incredibly polite) at expense wasted on flowers (they die), chocolates (I can buy my own), jewellery (I’ve got plenty already) or fancy dinners (we could have got a better deal after Vaentine’s).

Check out what they’re lacking or moaning about around the home or workplace, check out things they use all the time, check out what they compliment regarding other people. Give them something that they’ll use and they’ll be grateful.

You can find everything you need about being a Virgo here


September 24 through October 23

libra star sign

Give Libras the gift to relaxation (Picture by Getty/Metro.co.uk).

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Libra: Pamper time

Anything that can help your Libra relax, chill, and indulge in some pampering time will be appreciated and utilised.

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Quality over quantity. Less is more, as long as it’s the good stuff.

Whether it’s super-comfy slippers or pajamas, a spa pass, a weekend somewhere relaxing, or a trip to a yoga retreat in Goa (who knows, you might be that rich!), they’ll appreciate you understanding their need to unwind.

For everything you need to learn about Librarianship, head here


October 24 – November 22

scorpio star sign

Try tarot (Picture : Getty/Metro.co.uk).

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Scorpio:A psychic reading

Scorpios are very interested in the occult and the unknown. They are fascinated by mediums, psychics, tarot readers, and palmists. Book a reading for them by someone great (like me!) And showThat you accept their feelings and are able to be happy with them.

Scorpios like to feel you accept them, 100%, before they’ll really open up and showYou know who they are.

You can find everything you need to know about Scorpions by visiting this page


November 23 to December 21,

sagittarius star sign

Sagittarius hearts are built on the ability to embrace nature (Picture by Getty/Metro.co.uk).

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Sagittarius: Something outdoors

Landscapes, nature, animals, fresh air, the great outdoors, the open road, the ocean… Sagittarians just love being wild and free (in more ways than one, but you might have discovered that already).

Treat them to an outdoor experience, whether it’s a session with wild animals or handling them, a day in the country, a hike with dinner, drinks, or a dirty weekend at seaside.

You get out and about seeing the world and with your friends al fresco. You never know what could happen.

For all the information you need about being an Sagittarius, visit this page

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December 22 – January 21

capricorn star sign

If you’re in love with a Capricorn, be prepared to splash some cash (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Capricorn:Something fancy

Capricorns are ambitious and materialistic people who value the value of all things and appreciate the finer things. Capricorns enjoy spending big on expensive items and wearing/having high-quality labels.

It’s not snobbery as such, rathermore an acknowledgment of their hard work and graft.

Spend whatever you can afford on something designerExclusive. Even if it’s just a keyring, if it’s a brand they love they’ll treasure it. Caps are about quality, not quantity.

You can find everything you need about being a Capricorn by going here


January 22 – February 19

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AQUARIUS star sign

Take a look at the stars (Picture courtesy of Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Aquarius: A night stargazing

Uranus, the planet of invention and space travel, rules Aquarians. They love the sky and are attracted to astronomy, astrology and flying.

Enjoy this special interest. showThey will know you by looking for something special such as a telescope or star-gazing trip or a moonlight picnic beneath the stars, a helicopter ride, or a trip into an observatory.

Aquarians are not the most overtly romantic people, but get them under the stars in the moonlight and who knows what you can awaken…

For everything you need to know, head here


February 20 – March 20

pisces star sign

Pisces friends just want your time (Picture by Getty/Metro.co.uk).

The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for Pisces: Quality time

Pisceans don’t necessarily want for anything, they are the least materialistic sign.

They are most interested in your undivided attention and precious time so that they can feel closer to each other and build that intimate relationship they long for.

Clear your schedule (make sure that theirs is also free!) Plan for a few days. ‘just the two of us’ time.

Participate in a few events but not too many. Spend your evenings together and talk late into the night.

You can make them feel loved, understood, and listened to. This is their bliss.

For all the information you need about Pisces, head here

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