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Best Nintendo Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For 2022

Best Nintendo Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For 2022
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It’s almost Valentine’s Day once again – it’s 14th February, don’t forget! – which means that if you’re the lovey-dovey sort, you’ll no doubt be on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s gifts. If you’re like us you’ll be scrambling last-minute to get something, any thing, delivered on the due date. Oh dear…

There are so many options for Valentine’s gifts that Nintendo fans can choose from. We’ve done the hard work for you and have compiled the best for you. You’re sure to find something to make the day special for your significant other, whether it’s top games to play together, Nintendo greetings cards or toys, homeware, or even homeware.

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  • Nintendo Switch Games For Couples
  • Nintendo Valentine’s Day Cards
  • Nintendo Soft Toys
  • Nintendo Homeware
  • Nintendo eShop Store Credit
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    Nintendo Switch Games For Couples

    If you and your partner own a Nintendo Switch, and are looking for a game to play together on it, you have come to the right place. Below are several games that support co-op for two players. These games are great for cozy nights in. You might also find inspiration in our guide to the Best Nintendo Switch Couch Co-Op Games.

    Nintendo Valentine’s Day Cards

    There are many options for Nintendo Valentine’s Cards, both from official sources or handmade from independent sellers on Etsy. If you don’t like the options listed, you can also download free cards to print at home: Animal Crossing Valentine’s card / Nintendo Valentine’s card.

    Nintendo Valentine’s Cards – US

    Nintendo Valentine’s Cards – UK

    Nintendo Soft Toys

    Nothing says “Nothing says” “I love you” like a cute, soft, squishy, huggable bundle of pure fluffy joy – especially when that bundle of joy just so happens to resemble Goomba. We’re huge Goomba lovers here at Nintendo Life.

    There are many options when it comes to finding a Nintendo plush for your partner.

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    Shop Now

    Nintendo Soft Toys – US

    Nintendo Soft Toys – UK

    Nintendo Homeware

    Now we come to one of our favourite categories – the Nintendo homeware section. These homeware gifts will be of great benefit to you if you live in a home with your family. You just have to keep it secret from them…

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    Nintendo Homeware – US

    Nintendo Homeware – UK

    Nintendo eShop Store Credit

    Still feeling stuck? Nintendo gift cards can save the day!

    A Nintendo eShop voucher is valid for any game on the Switch eShop. It can be used in full or towards a more expensive item. For the duration February, we are offering Nintendo eShop vouchers on sale at our store.

    Below, you can get eShop credit at 10% off face value – just enter the code ‘NLIFE10’ at checkout. You will be sent a digital code, which you can pass on to your loved one so they can spend it on anything they like!

    Discounted Nintendo eShop Credit – US

    UK Discounted Nintendo eShop Credit & Switch online Subscriptions

    You will also find a variety of eShop coupon options from other stores, such as Amazon and Japanese eShop credits.

    So there we have it – plenty of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your special someone. We would love to hear your thoughts on finding the perfect gift.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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