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To celebrate Foot Locker’s Mark ofGreatness, over theNext month NBA.comExplore theBackstories of iconic basketball players, their journey to having their own signature sneakers and theStories andTheir inspiration.

Today, it’s Russell Westbrook

An explosive drive to therim.

A jetpack fueled dunk.

A blurry transition.

A shouting roar to theCrowd.

Russell is the point guard for Los Angeles Lakers WestbrookIt’s a dynamic style ofPlay is, if you will, loud.

He has electified NBA crowds for over a decade with hisHighlight-infused Game andIntensity that is unmatched by anyone theleague. He made an average of a triple-double over four seasons. the extraordinary look pedestrian on andTake off the court, turning the pregame tunnel into a runway exuding high fashion andPersonality WestbrookIt was one of the main drivers ofThis expression can be used in its individual form the modern era.

And hisAs loud as the music, wardrobe is equally loud hisgame

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His endeavours into the fashionThe possibilities of the world are not limited to hisLegendary pre-game outfits with theLaunching at 32 years old hisOwn fashionLine “Honor the Gift” in 2017.

Most NBA fans will agree that the best part of the game is the most enjoyable. of theYou get to see the world every day. WestbrookYou are wearing an NBA uniform. theOnly outlet to express yourself of style is in your sneakers? and WestbrookYou can’t miss it theChance to bring hisOwn swag theCourt through hisparnertship with Jordan Brand.

WestbrookBegin hisYour career as a Nike athlete. Jordan Brand2012 was rocking theThe most recent editions of the JordanLine andString of PEs. His first signature sneaker with the brand came in 2015 in a different path than most, producing an off-court, lifestyle sneaker The Westbrook0. Three years later, his first signature sneaker on-court performance would be his first. with theRelease of the ‘Jordan Why Not Zer0.1’.

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Getting a signature lifestyle sneaker before getting your signature basketball sneaker is something only Westbrook could pull off.

In his own words….Why Not?

(NBA Getty Images)

Infused with his flamboyant sartorial touch, Westbrook’s sneakers feature his personalised “RW” logo and his life motto “Why Not?” — a rally to continue to push the boundaries.

He explained the backstory to the motto, which you can see littered throughout his Instagram and emblazoned on his wristbands during game.

Per ESPN The Magazine:

“It started off back in high school, my friends and I were just doing a lot of dumb stuff — throwing each other’s backpacks, or not going to class. So for months, every day we’d say that — ‘Why not?’ It would be some dumb s— like, ‘let’s run in the middle of the street’ — ‘why not?’ ‘Let’s go over here’ — ‘why not?’ ‘Let’s go out’ — ‘why not?’ We all played basketball together and before the game we’d be like, ‘Pssh, why not? Let’s hoop. Who cares?’

Then me and my real close friend thought, this is something that we can use — being kids growing up in the inner city, giving other kids a sense of confidence, a sense of swagger. I didn’t think I’d be playing in the NBA at the time, but just being able to give the next person, your brother, your friend, whoever it is, some confidence. Why not? Who told you you can’t? That’s how it started and now I’m using the mantra to keep impacting people across the world.”

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(NBA Getty Images)

It’s not just the wild patterns and bright colours; Westbrook’s designs, in which he takes a hands-on role in helping craft, incorporate the things that are most important to him, “Upbringing,” “Family” and “Trust & Loyalty” — the themes of his latest sneaker the”Why Not Zer0.4′.

“Russ wants to tell his stories and the stories that are important to him,” Lee Gibson, the lead designer of Westbrook’s signature sneaker, told SLAM Magazine.

“And the thing that you learn about Russ that you don’t really get a sense of maybe in these interviews and seeing him on TV is just the loyalty that he has to his friends and family. That’s what he grounds himself in. These first four shoes are very much about those connections.”

The Why Not Zer0.4, his fourth signature sneaker with Jordan Brand gave Westbrook an opportunity to shine a light on BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color) artists, designed the new colourways in tandem with several local artists.


Westbrook commissioned four artists to create pieces reflecting his priorities of “Upbringing,” “Family” and “Trust & Loyalty” — incorporating elements from his childhood in Los Angeles, his love of his family and his value of trust and loyalty.

“The African American community is obviously very important to me, and being a Black man in today’s society is something that I cherish and own,” he said in Jordan’s official release.

“We have to find ways to impact our youth, and tap into whatever it is they do —whether it’s art, sports or medicine. It’s been very inspiring for me to be able to do that through shoes and these artists commissions.”

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