Back to School Fashion with Rhea Lana

Back to School Fashion with Rhea Lana


It’s back-to-school time! We wanted to showEnjoy some affordable fun back-to-school ideas fashion for the kiddos to rock this school year so we reached out to one of the most popular groups in the area: Rhea Lana’s to learn some trends and ways your mini’s can look good and feel great this school year.

A few days before the sale opened, we visited the consignment sales and were amazed at the number of items on offer. This year, 600 families from the area participated in the consignment sale. The best part about this sale is that all the proceeds go to local families.

As the models strutted down the aisle, we had a lot of fun! Amanda Birdsong, the owner, shared information about each item as well as full outfits and prices. The sale has everything you need, including backpacks, strollers and bedding, as well as back-to-school clothes, backpacks, strollers, beds, educational games, swing sets, shoes, and more. Pre-sale tickets are available and the event is free to the public on Saturday! For more information, visit Rhea Lana’s Facebook page.

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