Arrests made outside of Fashion Fair mall after guns found

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Fresno Police descends upon Fashion Fair mallThree people were detained for the fifth and sixth times this year.

According to Capt. Tom Rowe reported that officers responded immediately to a report that a man was pointing a gun at another person within the area. mallThe gun was not fully pulled out.

The man was in a group with two other men who were initially stopped for smoking in a smoking-prohibited area.

The security guard at the mall asked the group to leave and they did so, according to police.

The group spoke with others sitting down on the way out. One of the group members who was leaving left the scene. mallHe lifted his shirt.

“He clearly had a firearm visible in his waistband,”Rowe said.

The group left the building. mall. Police said that they found three pistols inside the vehicle as they drove off.

All three were arrested.

Police said that the group claimed to be from Oakland. “That’s more concerning,”Rowe stated: “that people would come from another community while armed with a firearm to come to our community and display inappropriate behavior.”

There were no other details available about the suspects.

Some potential shoppers were concerned about another shooting at Fashion Fair by Shaw Avenue because of the large presence of police officers with cop cars in front. mall.

However, police claimed that no shots were ever fired and customers or employees were never evacuated. mall.

Fashion Fair security was praised by police for its surveillance system and proactive presence with contract officers from law enforcement on site.

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Friday’s incident was not the first time that police responded to Fashion Fair-related situations this year.

Two groups of men were fighting in the area around the Shoe Palace, Lush and Sephora stores earlier this month.

The building was also used for shooting. mallA group of men confronted a man in January.

There have also been two other instances of smash-and grab thefts at Fresno’s popular Fresno. mallThis year.

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