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Are Velvet Nails the Latest Fall Nails Trend? Wow Your Friends With a Textured Manicure

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You can find sapphire colors and glazed-donut nail designs (with a chocolate twist) here. All of us were buzzing about the end-of-summer with the idea of velvet nails. This fall’s nail art trend is all about adding texture to your manicure.

These new autumn nails have been sweeping TikTok, as users take velvet – an essential fall fabric – and replicate the look on their nails. Velvet manicures give your nails a unique, shimmering texture that adds dimension.

“When it catches the light, it’s such a gorgeous finish,”Vivian W is a nail artist and content creator. Bustle“It can be recommended for everyday wear, special occasions and even bridal.”

Velvet nails have a unique way of reflecting light, creating an iridescent glow. You can create a variety of looks with them, from a galaxy-like look to a soft rose gold lustre.


MIZHSE 9D Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Chameleon, Amazon, $29.

Get velvety nails at home

If you don’t have time to head to the salon, all you need to give yourself a velvet manicure is a specific type of polish. It can be called different things by different brands, but the basic idea is that you need a cateye, magnetic, or velvet jelly, which is usually sold with a magnet. We love the following magnetic gels: MIZHSE 9D Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Chameleon(Amazon. $29) BORN PRETTY Rainbow Cat Magnet Eye Gel Polish(Amazon, $36) MTSSII Cat Eye gel Nail Polish (Amazon, $30).

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While the polish is still wet, you can use the magnet to change the texture or pattern. Then – once you’ve found the look you like – you cure it under an LED lamp.

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That’s all it takes to wow your friends with some glistening velvet nails this fall.

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