Another Fashion Fair incident: Fresno police detain 3 suspects, seize firearms

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FRESNO (KFSN), Calif. — Three suspects were taken into police custody by Fresno after an incident at Fashion Fair Mall.

Police confirm Friday afternoon that mallSecurity noticed that some people were smoking and asked them to stop.

As the suspects walked towards their car, they exchanged words and one of them raised his shirt to show that he had a gun.

Police claim that they later pulled over the vehicle and found three guns inside. They are trying to identify the suspects.

This is the latest in a long line of incidents at northeast Fresno mall.

Last Friday, there was a jewelry theft that left shoppers fleeing the area.

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Police say that a fight between two groups ended in the firing of shots less than two weeks ago.

Action News received complaints from mall employees that they don’t feel safe following four gun crimes within the last seven months.

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The mall officials declined to comment on their security measures in response to previous requests for information.

This story is still in development. Stay tuned to Action News for the latest developments.


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