Home Trends and Week Report Albuquerque family’s dog shot and killed on Valentine’s day

Albuquerque family’s dog shot and killed on Valentine’s day

Albuquerque family's dog shot and killed on Valentine's day
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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A family’s dog was shot and killed on Valentine’s Day and they have no idea who may done it. Police believe the dog was killed between Monday and Monday at 8 AM and 12 PM. According to the family, they believe that no neighbors are home at that time.

The family returned home at 6 o’clock that evening. They called for their dogs Halo, Chance, and only Halo answered.

“We went to look for him and my daughter was the first one to find them,”Rosa Padilla, Rosa’s mother, said:

Padilla said they were in shock when he was found. The family was unable, due to the darkness, to understand what had happened until the next morning. They said they discovered a gunshot wound in Chance’s back between the shoulder blade. “We did call Albuquerque police, and they came by and they also contacted the animal control to came by,” says Padilla.

They described Chance as a loving and charismatic dog, whose favorite people were Padilla’s daughters, Miranda, 9, and Sophia, 8. “Yeah, he was really good. He would always listen to us,”The girls agreed.

When asked what they would miss most about chance, the girls replied “his silliness and his goofiness.”

Chance was with the family for 3 years until they lost him. The family recently moved from Colorado to Albuquerque back in September 2021. They say that they don’t feel safe and may decide to move.

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APD was called by the family, but they were informed that they don’t have any eyewitnesses or video of the shooting and therefore cannot do anything.

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