Home Trends and Week Report Acana makes the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for our pups

Acana makes the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for our pups

Acana makes the perfect Valentine's Day treat for our pups
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Are you looking for a tasty treat to spoil your pup with this Valentine’s Day? Have you ever thought of treating your dog to ACANA? If you haven’t, we think this could be the perfect treat not only for Valentine’s Day, but all year long.

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Whether you are just looking for something as a small holiday treat or you really need a new addition to your pup’s snacking lineup, these might just be the perfect choice.

ACANA dog treats are a favorite of ours. And why are these the perfect treat for your pup this Valentine’s Day?

ACANA offers fun and delicious High Protein Biscuits for dogs.

ACANA Heart shaped dog biscuits

Available in two sizes and four flavors ACANA High Protein BiscuitsDog biscuits with hearts are made with “5 simple ingredients.” And yes, it really is the perfect Valentine’s Day treat thanks to that heart shape!

These biscuits are so much more than the magic of the heart. It’s because

They contain 85% of total protein from animal ingredients* like free-run chicken or turkey, ranch-raised beef or pork, and liver, and they’re also grain free. Treating your dog like a gourmet has never been easier.

All four flavors come with a crunchy base. The four flavors available are Turkey Liver (Beef Liver), Pork Liver (Chicken Liver), and Pork Liver (Chicken Liver).

Our staff dog loves all four flavors, but the beef is her favorite. She seems to love the heart shape of these dog treats, which is quite true.

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She isn’t the only one who loves these treats. We also love them. We love that they are healthy for our dog, and that she enjoys them. Treats that your dog enjoys eating are a great choice.

Have you tried ACANA for your dog? Are you a fan? Which flavor is your dog’s favorite? We want to find out!

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