A $45 body shirt by Fashion Nova is roasted online

Only when you think fashion couldn’t get anymore … bizarre, out comes an online Shopper with a design that leaves shoppers asking questions “why”.

Global fashion brand Fashion Nova, with 20 million Instagram followers, is well-known for its bold outfits. However, one of its most recent looks left thousands confused.

The popular global retailer shared a photo of a model in a black fitted jumpsuit that cost $US34.99 ($A45) on Wednesday.

The triangle triangle design on the long-sleeve design makes it stand out. cut-out The chest, and sheer mesh panels on arms and legs.

It seems that not everyone is a fan of the jumpsuit, as the post was bombarded by confused comments.

“Am I the only one that doesn’t get it?” One person asked, and the second responded bluntly. “Nope.”

“WTF is this outfit!” One person said it, and another asked. “Who would wear this?”

One follower made a reference to the film Mean Girls by saying: “I saw Regina George cutting triangles in her chest so I cut triangles in my chest.”

Fashion Nova’s $45 cut-out body shirt roasted online | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site


But it wasn’t all bad news for the Dark Fantasy Jumpsuit with the post attracting almost 10,000 ‘likes’ Many leave positive reviews.

“Wow, I love this,” One person wrote, while another said: “Very nice and impressive.”

In 2019, the controversial clothing brand was roasted It is a great product. “under boob” Bikini after sharing this photo of a model poolside wearing the black two-piece.

While the “Euphoria Bikini” From the back, it looks just like any other swimsuit. But the front is quite different.

It just about covers the top of your boobs while leaving underneath totally exposed – and followers of the budget-retailer had plenty to say.

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“If I had these tatas, hell no I’d be scared for them to fall out,” One person wrote the letter at the time.

“This suit is made to take pictures in, not to actually swim or sunbathe,”A nother added.

The V-string bikini, which hails from Australia, is the most viral swimwear set. This controversial piece of clothing started the trend that has now arguably spiralled to a tidal wave.

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