50+ Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas and Colors You’ll Adore [2022]

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Get ready to swoon over these stunning Valentine’s Day nails that are surprisingly simple to DIY—and perfect for celebrating the big day.

You don’t have to be in love to showThis is how to show your nails love Valentine’s Day. “Whether you’re single or with someone, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to rock any mani that makes you happy,”Rachel Apfel Glass, founder and CEO of GlossLab, a membership-based nail salon. And while red or pink Valentine’s Day nails are always popular, Valentine’s Day nail designs have really evolved. Sure, you might still want to choose a classic ruby red or bubblegum pink, but adding some shimmer, sparkle, or other details from the 2022’s Winter nail trends Your manicure will go from cute to stunning.

These ideas are sure to make your heart beat faster, whether you’re looking for abstract nails or holiday-themed nail art. And don’t be intimidated if you’ve never attempted nail designs before. To create cool geometric designs, you can use non-stick tape or small 3D heart stickers to make it simple. designSilva Nahabedian (director of education for Dazzle Dry) says that it is.

The only guide principle? “Just be you!” Nahabedian says. “Choose a style and manicure that authentically expresses you. Whatever style brings out your best, happiest self is the best choice.” We’ve got loads of Valentine’s Day ideas for you to do just that, along with the best nail polishes and gel polishes to help you achieve each look for a romantic night out, a fun Galentine’s Day with your besties, or simply a brighter February.

Nail trend: Stick-on heart nail art

via @nailcon/Instagram

Some people wear their heart on the sleeve. You can now wear your heart on nails! You can make glittery 3D nail art stickers with glitter, flake, and hearts in gold. Simply choose your favorite polish—red nail polish or pink nail polish are always sure bets for Valentine’s Day; wait until it dries, and then stick on as many hearts as you’d like. To seal your designs, apply a glossy topcoat. Yep, that’s it. Talk about surprisingly simple Valentine’s Day nails!

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Nail trend: Abstract art–inspired Valentine’s Day nails

Abstract Art Inspired Valentines Day Nails Via Pilotwifeyogi Instagramvia @pilotwifeyogi/Instagram

If you love the idea of Valentine’s Day nail art but prefer to skip the typical hearts, try this pop art–inspired design. Begin with a pale pink or sheer nail base. Next, add random squiggles in bold pink or red. You could also look at a painting you love and create a loose interpretation using the nail polish colors. This year’s mani trends are more graphic and beautiful than cutesy.

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Trend in Nails: Complementary nails

Complementary Nails Via Glosslab Instagramvia @glosslab/Instagram

While pink and red nails will always be a classic look for Valentine’s Day nail art, modern V-Day nail designs add in unexpected color combos. “I love how brown and pink complement each other in a surprisingly adorable and fun way,”Glass says. Add a heart detail on one nail on each hand for a decidedly romantic Valentine’s Day look. These tips will help you make your manicure last longer, no matter what style you choose.

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Nail trend: Pink Gradient Valentine’s Day nails

Classic Pink Valentine's Day Nails Via Elana Kuffler Instagramvia @elana_kuffler/Instagram

There’s a reason that most people wear pink nails for their Valentine’s Day manicure. Pink nails can brighten up even the darkest February days and they are universally flattering. Go with the palest pink or a pop of neon, depending on your mood, and if you’re feeling extra playful, try a gradient of pink colors or pink ombré look.

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Nail trend: Romantic red Valentine’s Day nails

Romantic Red Valentine's Day Nails Via Lacquered.linds Instagramvia @lacquered.linds/Instagram

It’s hard to beat the classic look of shiny red nails—especially on Valentine’s Day. Red nails also flatter nearly every skin tone and nail length, and many couture brands, including Chanel, Hermès, and Christian Louboutin, now have their own signature nail polishes. Choose anything from a tomato red to a deeper shade, depending on your style and mood, and you’re good to go! Pro tip: With bold colors like this, use Pueen liquid latex for clean lines and a salon-level DIY manicure.

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Nail trend: Retro red Valentine’s Day nails (with hearts!)

Retro Red Valentine's Day Nails With Hearts Via Joanna.rohde Instagramvia @joanna.rohde/Instagram

We’re slightly in love with this Valentine’s Day nail design. The nails are filed in an oval shape, with only two nails being painted in bold red. Two juicy red hearts tip the remaining two nails. They are then polished in a gentle opal rose color. To seal your manicure, apply an extra shiny topcoat. design.

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Trend: Matte and gloss nails

Gloss And Matte Combo Nails Via Lechatnails Instagramvia @lechatnails/Instagram

Texture can create visual interest, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can achieve this effect by changing the finish of your topcoat. Nahabedian recommends trying a matte top coat over the polish of your choice on every other nail—or half of each nail, which gives the impression of an updated (and super cool!) French manicure. Reminder: Holiday-themed nail polishes and nail tools make fabulous Valentine’s gifts for friends.

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Trend: Moody nails

Moody Nails Via Gel Nails 263 Instagramvia @gel_nails_263/Instagram

Winter temperatures affect our moods—and color-shifting polishes can reflect that in the (ahem) coolest way. Elle, a celebrity nail artist based in New York and Los Angeles, says this look will be trending not just for Valentine’s Day but also for the rest of the year. “The heat of your body will keep your nail beds warm, and if you have long nails, the tips will always remain the cool shade for an ombré, multi-shade look,”She elaborates. Depending on the polish you choose, the effect might also switch colors completely, but regardless, it’s a cute way to let your love know you’ve still got the hots for them.

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Nail trend: Pink and red French tips with hearts

Red And Pink French Tips With Hearts Via Vanityprojects Instagramvia @vanityprojects/Instagram

Let’s just say that we are in awe of the French manicure with adorable nail art. The look is achieved by painting the nail base a pale rose or neutral. Use a half circle to guide you (old-school). paper reinforcement stickersWork well), and add a layer baby pink, brighter, and then red. You can make heart-shaped ornaments with just a few ingredients. nail detailing brush. Simply dip the brush into red nail polish, and then wipe off any excess. Next, place two red nail polish dots next to each other and join them to form a heart. Important note: Wait until each coat has dried before you draw the next part. design. This will take some time but the end result is well worth it. Keep your cuticles in tip top shape with a nourishing oil for cuticles. All eyes will be on you.

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Trendy nail: A red French manicure

Red French Mani Via By.dcnails Instagramvia @by.dcnails/Instagram

If you know someone who thinks that red Valentine’s Day nails are boring, showThis is what they looked like! There’s something very flirty and a little bit vampy about these red-tipped nails, which have just the teeniest bit of sparkle. Let dry with a clear or sheer base, then paint a slightly exaggerated tip. If you have plans for a fun night out, glue on crystals at the base of each nail and voilà—instant glam!

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Nail trend: XOXO Valentine’s Day nails

Xoxo Valentine's Day Nails Courtesy Bellacures.comCourtesy bellacures.com

If you’ve got a steady hand, this is a fun and easy way to add some mwah! to your Valentine’s Day mani. The nail artists at Bellacures came up with this sweet and sassy version of a French manicure, but let’s just concentrate on the hugs and kisses part. Try saying it three times fast.Depending on how sheer you like the manicure, add one to two coats. Apply xoxo using a detail brush. designOnly at the tips

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Nail trend: Drawn-on Valentine’s Day nails

Drawn On Valentine's Day NailsCourtesy bellacures.com

Valentine’s Day is an excuse to embrace hearts, flowers, and great vibes, and this look does that in the sweetest way. These nails can be done on your own, as you can start with a transparent base. You can then paint the designs you choose (perfection is optional). You can make a love note by drawing a rectangle or an out-of-center heart. Paint around your design with black nail polish and you have Valentine’s Day nails that tell a love story. This design just may inspire you to create some DIY Valentine’s Day cards for your loves.

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Nail trend: Pastel French nails

Pastel French Nails Via Milliesnailsandbeauty Instagramvia @milliesnailsandbeauty__/Instagram

There have been many French tips variations lately. This winter pastel colors are making an appearance. It’s a classy and classic look that’s a bit softer and sweeter than a typical Valentine’s Day manicure. You can simply polish your nails in a light or very light pink color and then use your favorite pastel colors to rim your tips. You can either go for a muted rainbow effect, or you can use multiple shades from the same color family, such as different shades of pinks from the lightest to the darkest.

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Nail trend: Valentine’s Day nails with a secret message

Valentine's Day Nails With A Secret Messagevia @thebeautyassembly_/Instagram

Some of the best Valentine’s Day manicures have less to do with the designs and more about the way they make you feel. Perhaps you are looking to make a bold statement for 2022. Or maybe you’re feeling proud of yourself for a new accomplishment, or you finally smooched the man of your dreams, or you got back together with your ex and don’t want anyone to know just yet. In those cases, choose a color that makes you smile or has a fantastic name like Deborah Lippmann’s Freedom, which gives you a layer of pizzazz and a message for you alone. Now that you have the perfect mani, find out out the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, according to your zodiac sign, so you can showIt’s done.

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  • Rachel Apfel Glass is the founder of GlossLab
  • Silva Nahabedian, director for education Dazzle Dry
  • ElleCelebrity nail artist

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