5 Old-school Fashion Statements that We should Bring to Campus

As the fall semester gains momentum and we run out of outfit ideas for summer, we feel the need to wear something new and different. You don’t have to look any further than this, because I have some. fashion ideas will help you make new friends this semester and are both practical. fashioning on campus 

Get some rollerskates to replace your Air Force 1s!

It’s no secret that Berkeley is not an easy campus to get around, especially in a timely manner. You can easily put on rollerskates when you are at the Valley Life Sciences Building, or have a meeting at Evans Hall. Rollerskates make it easy to travel. They come in many colors to match your clothes and can also be used to get to and from class without ripping your outfit from all the uphill walking. 

Forget crystal rings … use mood ring jewelry instead! 

It can be difficult to go back to school, especially during a pandemic. So, what’s better than putting these emotions to use in your outfit! Whether you want a red accent or purple hues, your mood ring will always match your mood of the day — the color may change depending on the class you’re in!

You need a new wallet to keep your Cal 1 card. A duct tape wallet is a great option!

Leather wallets and cardholders for your phone’s back are so pre-pandemic. Instead, let’s take it back to middle school and utilize some of our arts and craft skills! Duct tape wallets can be weather-resistant, stylish, and easy to fix. Get creative and create a blue or yellow duct tape wallet that is perfect for school. 

Can’t decide whether or not to dress in fall clothes? Try zippable shorts!

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The weather is unpredictable, even as the seasons change. Some days it’s hot and others it’s cold. To keep up with the changing seasons, invest in pants that can be unzipped into shorts. This will not only look great, but it will also help students who are unsure about their decision-making skills. should I wear pants or shorts?

You need a snack, but your books are taking up too much space? Try candy jewelry instead! 

College life has made it impossible to stop being busy. So, when you are trying to run to your 8 a.m., it’s easy to forget breakfast. Don’t worry, candy jewelry is now available! This will allow you to get more shut-eye and can be a quick and easy way to have a quick breakfast between classes or in the morning. Happy snacking!

I hope you found this list useful in generating some back-to-school ideas. fashion ideas for you! Good luck with everything! fashionThis semester, you can try your best!

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