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30 Best Spring 2022 Nail Trends and Manicure Ideas to Copy

30 Best Spring 2022 Nail Trends and Manicure Ideas to Copy
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Fun fact: We are approximately 70 days away from spring, but who counts? It’s a good thing, really, with all the bright, fun colors and cool spring 2022 fashionFashion Week runway trends can be seen. Is it any wonder that I want to move past the winter months and get back to experimenting with color? Spring 2022 nail trends are here!

Get ready to spice things up this season because a lot of runway lewks didn’t stick to the runway. “traditional”Spring nail trends. Think rhinestone accents, metallic French manicures, and pointy black tips—don’t worry though, there were plenty of ~florals~ too. This roundup of spring nail trends has something for everyone, so whether you want to try something new or stick with pastel nail polishes or floral prints, this list will help you. I also included the products that you can use at home to achieve the look. Now, get to scrolling/shopping/screenshotting.


Spring 2022: Fun Colorful Frenchies

The French manicure revival is not slowing down. At Collina Strada, nail artist Naomi Yasuda used a Metallic pink polishThe tips of models’ nails were used as a playful accent to their bright and colorful looks.


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Get the Look: This Metallic Polish

Nails Inc. Nail Polish Boiling for Love

The best thing about Spring 2022’s Frenchie trend is that The bolder the color, cooler the look. Because the color is only applied to the tip, it’s great for people who don’t normally wear bright nails. This metallic purple polish can be used to recreate the runway look. If you struggle with creating a French tip, because like, same, try out a silicon nail stamp for the easiest DIY French manicure ever. 


Spring 2022: Rhinestone Embellishments

The spring 2022 runways featured sparkles and rhinestones on their faces, clothes and hair. Rhinestone embellishments are the best for your nails.. Alice + Olivia models wore fun pink and blue nails. They also wore black nails with pearl accents and rhinestones.


Get the Look: This Rhinestone Nail Set

SUBAY Crystals AB Nail Art Rhinestones

Although embellished nails may look intimidating, they’re easy to do at-home. Use the rhinestone dotting pens to paint your nails. Your rhinestone of preference. Apply a dot nail glue to the back side of the embellishment. Then, place it on top. Allow it to dry for a few minutes. If you reallyyy want to nail (hehe) this trend, place a few on your lash line with some lash glue for the ultimate spring 2022 look.

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Stiletto Nails for Spring 2022

To make stiletto nails standout and highlight their dramatic shape, you can use a nail polish.In bold black polish, outline the pointed tipsAs seen at LaQuanSmith.


These Coffin Press-On Nails are the perfect look

After Hours: Dashing Diva Magic Press

When you want the look of stiletto nails but not the feel (so sharp!), try coffin-shaped nails that feature black V-shaped tips. With this set, you still get all the parts you love about this spring 2022 nail trend, like the pointed shape and the black French tips.


Bright Pastel Nails for Spring 2022

I don’t know what spring is without pink and blue nail varnishes. Alice + Olivia and nail artist Alicia Torello are clearly in agreement because the models wore bright, fun colors like this Abstracts in turquoise and fuschia design.


Get the Look: This Turquoise Nail Polish

La Pierre Cosmetics Lacquer in Oh, Tiff!

Unlike the dusty blue polishes of winter, this robin’s-egg light blue nail polish is It is bright and bold and has the appearance of spring in it. Combine it with a Bright pinkTo see the full look, click here


Floral Print Nails Spring 2022

Flower nail designs with turquoise nail polish are perhaps the best way to celebrate springtime. Markarian nails Soft florals were paired with jeweled accentsLike the ones shown here.


Get the Look: This Mint Nail Polish

Nash + Pino nail lacquer in Spill The Mint Tea

Gina Edwards, nail artist, has created these fun floral looks. Start with a couple coats of a greenish to blue polish like this one to make your base, then use a small brush dipped in green and white nail polish to paint the florets and stems.


Pastel Pink for Spring 2022

When in doubt—especially during spring—Choose a pastel color. pink nail polish. Pink is a good choice regardless of whether you are wearing bright, colorful prints such as the ones shown at Brandon Maxwell, but also something more muted.


Get the Look: This Sheer Pink Polish

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish, Love at First Sight

Nail artist Deborah Lippmann To create this look, I used two coats in sheer pink above. And guess what? This is a healthier option to gel nail polish (10-free!) lasts a lot longer than your usual formula. Always a plus.


Minimalist Nail Art For Spring 2022

While dark nail polish isn’t the most obvious choice for spring nail art, it can work well when paired with minimalist nail designs. Peter Do nails have a scalloped edge and a negative space. Still feels light and airy.

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This black nail polish gives you the look

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Liquid Leather

This jet-black nail polish is just the shade you need to create your own version of these spring 2022 nails. You can play around with striping brushesYou can choose from different lengths Find the organic shape that you love best.


Classic French Tips for Spring 2022

What do you get from taking?Mix it with a classic manicure to create a classic almond shape nail.? The elegant nails Jin Soon designed for Michael Kors spring 2022 are yours show.


These French Press-On Nails Give You the Look

Glamnetic Press on Nails in So Classy

I’ve tried my hand at a DIY French manicure, and let me tell ya—Save the effort and buy this kit instead. Inside, you get everything you need, like nail glue, a double-sided nail file, a cuticle stick, and an alcohol pad, to easily pop ’em on and off.


Spring 2022: Natural Nails

You will be amazed at how natural your nails look when they are as square as these from the Altuzarra show, All you need is a sheer coatTo enhance their beauty.


Get the Look: This Sheer Peachy pink Polish

JINsoon Nail Polish for Muse

The key to this clean, simple nail is this natural nail polish—and I mean “natural”In more than one way This 10-free polish with a pink-tinted sheer coverage This will give you that my nails-but-better look.


Spring 2022: Press-On nails

This spring, Expect lots of rhinestones, and crystals. Would you believe me if i said that Rebecca Minkoff’s nails were press-ons. YUP. Get you a good Nail glueBoth the nails as well as the gems.


These Acrylic Nails Give You the Look

Kiss Salon Acrylic Natural nails in Crystal

Edwards created this statement nail look using DIY acrylic nails and covered it with crystals. Pro tip: Use the RhinestonesThese press-ons should be glued before you glue.To your nail.


Rich Red Nails For Spring 2022

Red nail polish makes a bold statementregardless of the nail’s length or shape. These Naeem Khan’s short nails held up against intricate clothing designs.


This Classic Red Nail Polish gives you the look

OPI Nail Lacquer Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes


Sheer Nails Spring 2022

This manicure style was shown at Ulla Johnson More emphasis is placed on nail health than nail artsYou see what I mean? This sheer polish is all about moisturized cuticles, and a clean cut.

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Get the look: This Super-Sheer Beige

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish, Brand New Day

Clear top coats have more color, but less pigment than opaque nudes. this transparent shade evens out the nail Do not cover up your natural nails.


Sunset Colors in Spring 2022

Julie Kandalec’s inspiration for Rodarte nails? AllThe colors in the sky At dawn and dusk Think pastels and shimmery, iridescent nail varnishes in all colors.


Get the Look: This Shimmery Sheer Polish

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer in Sugar Fix

This Pearlescent polish looks exactly like a golden hour sky. It has just the right amount of glitter to add some sparkle, but is easy to remove later.


Zebra Print for Spring 2022

Rodarte stood out from the rest because of its zebra-print nails. A fun option is animal printThis is especially true for spring 2022.


This Striping Brush gives you the look

Winstonia Pro Nail Art Long Striping Brush

Painting zebra stripes is It’s much easier than you think, provided you have the right tools. You can cover up any mistake with nail polish remover. But you’ll need a long, fine tip brush like this one.


Spring 2022: Nude Nails

Brandon Maxwell models also wore nude nail varnish (seems like a theme? But they wore it with Taupe in a more opaque shadeAs seen here.


Get the Look: This Taupe Nail Polish

Tenoverten Nail Color in Canal

Nothing says spring more than switching from hot coffee to cold brew, which is why this color used at Tory Burch makes so much sense for a spring 2022 nail trend. This nail color can be described as “milk hazelnut,”This shade looks just like your morning latte after the ice has melted. Please tell me I’m wrong.

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