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25 Best Green Nail Ideas and Mani Inspo to Try in 2022

25 Best Green Nail Ideas and Mani Inspo to Try in 2022
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Fact: My Instagram feed has provided me with approximately one-zillion ideas for green nails in the last few weeks. Is it me or did this green trend just happen by accident? Even me, who has lowkey hated green my whole life, is now a fan.a started taking pictures of green nails, starting from Nail art in green swirlsTo Wintery dark shades of green. And contrary to what I used to think (that green nails were exclusively for St. Patrick’s Day at best), I’m now fully committed to playing around with some shade of green this year, whether I’m Instagramming a fresh set of acrylics or just swiping on a quick coat of spring nail polish.

I am certain that once you see the combination of subtle and more formal shades of green, you will be a convert. Take a look at 25 of my favorite green nail designs, straight from my bookmarks folder to inspire your next manicure.


These green gradient tips

My favorite way to do French tips is with gradient nails. Take a look at a variety of green nail polishesStart with the darkest shade of your thumb.Paint each tip a lighter color towards your pinkie finger.


This pastel-green swirl idea

Add some Gold polishOr Gold foil(Like they used here). Take your green nail idea to the next level “cute and whimsical”To “just raised my rates.” This is, in fact, the exact energy we are bringing into 2022.


Shamrock green nails

The best part about green nails? There are only so many shades you can choose from. So adjust your style to suit your mood. Like this shamrock green nail color Bright, fun and great for spring nails.


This green and blue swirl idea

In the Venn diagram (remember those?) The following are the contents Green nails and St. Patrick’s Day nailsThis is the middle of this green and white swirly manicure. This set can be purchased at any time of the year, so you’ll always be in style. It can be used in any shade of green that you want, and it will still look cute.


Green cow print nails

K, I promise that this cow-print nail design is much easier than it looks. After you have painted your nails with a white polish, you can add a little bit of color to them. cream nail polishAllow them to dry completely. Paint squiggly shapes using a Nail brush for thin nailsA dark-green polish(The more unusually-shaped the better). Once dried, seal it in using a Top coatTo prevent chipping.

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This green diagonal tip idea

Another great twist to the French nail? You can see the diagonal tips in this pic. It’s not an easy DIY nail. designIt is best to take it one layer at the time. Place a strip of Nail tapePlace your finger diagonally across your nail. Then, paint the tip with a pastel-green nail polish. Once dry, peel off the top and continue with the opposite side. Nail polish in forest-green. Finish by adding a little bit of bright green to the overlap.


This green accent nail design is a great idea

You don’t have to give up all your other favorite nail colors to get in on the green nail trend—just Use it as an accent color, like in this nail art design (using Gucci nail polish, BTW). You can see the cute smiley face in the green here.


This green slime nail design


These green nails are in negative space

Negative-space nail art is a great way to add some art to your minimalist nails.Paint circular designs on the alternating sides of your nails A small or medium-sized nail brushClean up any traces with a cotton towel and some acetone.


Olive green and neutral nails


This pastel green nail art idea is perfect

Pastels are perfect for spring. This makes it a great combination of green nails and spring nails (or Easter nails if you celebrate). The The easiest way to achieve a smooth base for your nails is toStickSome semi-circle nail stickersApply the pastel green nail polish to them. After drying, carefully peel back your sticker to reveal your two tone finish.


This dark green swirly nail art idea

This swirly nail design is so fun! It requires three shades of green, such as the pastel, olive, or forest shades shown here, to make it work. nail art brushTo recreate. Pro tip: Try out the swirly lines first on some paper Get a feel for how to guide your toothbrush.

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This green-checkered nail design is a great idea

IMO is a famous duo of green and black. The lime green nail polishFrom Cirque ColorsThis gives it a great vibe, but it could easily be You can swap out the hard olive or sage for a softer one, too. And Nail tapeYour best friend when it comes straightening those lines.


French tips for light-green

Because I am an expert on every shade green, tyvm. Let me introduce chartreuse greenIt’s a cousin to lime, but with a yellow tint. It’s great for spring nails as well as summer nails.


These half-swirled green nails

Pale-green swirls, anyone? This green nail design is salon-worthy if you use the right tools. Start with a Base coatBefore you move onto the pale-green nail polish,So the exposed nail looks shiny and new.


Idea for green daisy nails

This green nail idea is pretty detailed—swipe to the right for a close up of those gemstone daisies—so I’d suggest taking this to your nail artist. You can DIY your nails if you want. Dip your Nail-dotting toolUse white nail polish and gently rub it down. To create the teardrop shape, place your practice surface on top.


This multi-shade green nail design is a great idea

You can instantly give your manicure dimension by switching between two different shades. Begin by painting a thick French tip on each nail with the appropriate shade of dark or light green. Now is a great time for viral marketing French tip TikTok hack BTW), Paint a thin line with the opposite color at one tip’s base.


These adorable green nail designs are great!

You don’t have only to choose one nail designTBH, for the entire set. You will actually be able to have more designs than the four in this photo. The more you do it, the more you will be able to bring your nails together. And when your cuticles are on display like this, keep ’em moisturized with a good cuticle oil (or don’t—you make the rules here).


This jade-green nail idea

The 2022 nail trends are my favorite. Different textures and opacities–like these sheer jade nails. The jade is so beautiful, you don’t even need to add the purple or green shapes (though props for those who do).

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These alternating green nails

It’s easy to add a touch whimsy by mixing solid colors and arsty patterns. Plus,Polka dots are the easiest nail design designEven the most novice of newbs can achieve these things. Simply pick up a set nail dottersDip ’em in nail varnish and make all the polka dots you can think of.


Glitter nails in gold and green

Add a little Glittering your green nails with glitter is a great way of giving them texture.(I should be an arts critic, right?) Paint the base green. Once it’s dry, start painting. gold glitter nail polishIn a semi-circle with a medium-sized nail brush


This green nail outline is a great idea

This nail art has a graphic, neon-sign appearance thanks to its green outline. For an optimal nail art canvas, mMake sure your cuticles are in tip-top shape(read: pushed back, moisturized with a Cuticle oil).


These polka dots green tips

Thick, French tips rounded are in fashion right nowThese dark-green nails are a great way to try them. The trick? The trick? Thin brushThen, use your regular nail brush to fill in any gaps.


Checkered nails in light green

This light-green checkered manicure is very intricate. If you’re interested in trying it, I suggest that you Do the checkered nail design first.Before you move onto the little blue smiley faces.

Valeriya Chupinina works as a freelance writer on beauty and wellness. She focuses on the multifaceted connection between aesthetic and inner beauty.

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