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24 Trendy Winter Nails & Nail Art Ideas for 2022 | Brit + Co

24 Trendy Winter Nails & Nail Art Ideas for 2022 | Brit + Co
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The bright and Warm colors are what spring will bring youAnd summer Winter nailsSometimes it can feel a bit boring. You don’t need to be a professional to create a beautiful manicure at your home. These pastels, neons and other colors will make you want to grab your top coat! You won’t be able stop admiring art.


Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Color ($5)

White nails are always a fashionable choice in winter. This pick takes only a few seconds to dry, making it an ideal choice for those who don’t have a lot of time and need a mani.

sundays No.29

sundays No.29 ($18)

This nontoxic, vegan nail polish will add a pop of Pantone’s Color of The Year to your look. This combination of purple and gray gives it a subtle edge that’s truly special.

PrettyDiva Silver Chrome Nail Powder

PrettyDiva Silver Chrome Nail Powder ($9)

Silver nails are elegant and festive, but they don’t have to be limited to the holiday season like a red-and-green combination. Dip powder is an easy and quick way to achieve salon-quality manicures at home.

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sundays No.30 sage

sundays No.30 ($18)

This muted Sage is great for anyone who likes color, but doesn’t want it to be too much. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and adds just enough chill.

OPI Nail Lacquer

OPI It’s a Boy! Nail Lacquer ($11)

Baby blue is hot this year. If you don’t know how to apply colored eye shadow but want to be part of the trend, you can add the color to your nails.

ORLY Crawford's Wine winter nails

ORLY Crawford’s Wine ($10)

Red nails are the most classy of all. They are vintage, sexy, and eye-catching. For a dramatic look, pair them with a red lip. New YearFor your first spring picnic, you can wear them with a striped blouse.

Olive & June Hot Strawberry

Olive & June Hot Strawberry ($8)

This gel-like neon pink manicure is not just for summer. This neon pink mani can be worn with any fur coat to create a maximalist look you won’t regret.

Essie Gel Couture Matter Of Fiction

Essie Ballet Slippers ($9)

Ballet pink is a great neutral. Not only is it professional and more fun than beige, but also because it’s elegant and professional. This formula is vegan and Essie sells one bottle of it every minute.

Cu00f4te No. 69 Evergreen Fir Green Nail Polish

Côte No. 69 Evergreen Fir Green Nail Polish ($18)

Deep green is a holiday color, but this calm shade can last well into the new year. This polish is chip-resistant, and is healthy for your nails.

OPI O Suzi Mio

OPI O Suzi Mio ($13)

We love how powerful and romantic deep purple can be. If there’s one thing that should make you feel this way, it’s your beauty regimen.

duri 781 Uninhibited

duri 781 Uninhibited ($9)

This bright and vibrant color is making us dream of warmer days. You can also love that it is paraben and formaldehyde free.

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Olive & June Lilac Shimmer

Olive & June Lilac Shimmer ($8)

This salon-quality polish is feminine and flirty. It’s a great way for winter nails to add some glam if you don’t feel like wearing neon.

OPI Angels Flight to Starry Nights winter nails

OPI Angels Flight to Starry Nights ($13)

This shade reminds us simultaneously of the sea, sky, and all things icy y2kBeauty looks. It can be worn in any season, so it is versatile.


Saving Face

Make your mani an art gallery with an abstract designThat’ll make Picasso proud. Use seasonal colors or stick to classic colors such as brown and black.

A Little Bit French

We can’t get enough of French manicures. You can spice it up with different colors or overlapping stripes.

A happy, joyful soul

This adorable little friend is one our favorite things. The carrot nose is a must!


Layer three colors together to create multi-dimensional nails. You can alter them depending on the season, or you can stick with your favorite color.

I Like You A Latte

For a mani that will get you in the mood to make a mocha, try different shades of brown. The 70s inspired waves add a little bit of foam to your mani. [A/N: can replace “foam” with “cherry” if it doesn’t make sense as-is. was just trying to play on the coffee theme.]

All Out Color

Mixing wintery details such as gold glitter with neons, and warm shades normally found in summer is a match made in Heaven. Love!

Stripes on stripes

Instead of an all-white manicure, try a mani that has stripes or blank space. This will allow other colors (or your natural nails) to shine through.

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Groovy Baby

Consider colors and shapes that are reminiscent of your favorite decade. Matching your outfit earns you bonus points!

Star Light, Star Bright

You can add some nature to your look by creating a galaxy-inspired mani or a delicate snowflake mani. Or, you could try your hand at painting trees. The world is your oyster!

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